Monday, April 8, 2013

Square Hue April 2013 Review!!!

Hi guys, so I'm sorry again for the lack of posts. If you want to know why I was gone you can read the Sorry! post.

Anyway today I am here with a Square Hue review. I actually got it last Monday, so not only will it be an unboxing, it will also be a review!

For those that don't know what Square Hue is it's a nail polish sub, like Julep. It's $21 a month including shipping and you get 3 full size bottles of polish. There is always a theme every month, this month it was The Bloom Collection, and so the colors reflect that. All the polishes are Square Hue Brand and are limited to that box only. So if you like one of the colors you see in my box you can't go to Square Hue's website and buy it as a single. Also as far as I know they don't offer past boxes to be purchased.

Now onto what I think of the box!

 The packaging is simple. There is only one box and that is the shipping box. I personally don't mind only having one box, since its less waste. Inside there were little white paper stringy things, but those are cat magnets so I threw them out as soon as I opened the box.

I like that they put up dividers so that way the polishes don't bump together and break.

Then there is the card. It doesn't really say anything except for which collection it is, which is the Bloom Collection.

Now onto the good part. The polishes!!

The three polishes I got were:

 Yellow Submarine which is a really pretty buttery yellow color. The color is beautiful in the bottle. However on it is super hard to apply. I don't know what was happening, but the formula for this one was horrible! I couldn't even hardly get the polish to apply. I doubt I'll be using it again, unless I use it as a polka dot color, which is sad because I was looking for a good non neon yellow I could use as a base for glitter.

Then there is Groovy Love which is a nice lavender color. I'm pretty happy with the purple. It applied easily, and it dried fast. Also  I was hoping for a purple so this is just an all around winner in my book! I'm excited to use as a base for one of my chunky glittery polishes that I have. This seems super similar to OPI Planks a Lot, but I think Planks a Lot is a little bit darker/possibly more grey toned.

The last one is Flower Power which is a really pretty grass green looking color. It is like the springiest green you can get without being a pastel. I really like it and like the purple I think that the formula of this was nice and fast drying. I was pleasantly surprised by the green because I was so not expecting it! I guess I was thinking more flower petal then flower leaves.

This is what the front of the bottles look like
Cute and classy looking.

This is a better image of the colors

Final thoughts: I think I just hyped this box up in my mind because I was majorly disappointed. I think my main disappointment was that there was no pink and the whole time the color I really wanted was a pastel pink. I know they never said anything about pink, but still. Also the formulation of the yellow didn't help my overall feelings. Also something to note it seems like the colors were dry, but they took forever to set. I touched my nails a couple times on accident and they left finger prints even though it was a couple hours after I put on the polish.

Plus I also don't like that they don't have an online store where you can buy the polishes. I just didn't feel like I was getting a deal, which usually money doesn't factor into how much I like a sub, but for some reason it just bothered me with this one. I think I'm going to stick with Julep.

This is how my nails look after a week. I made little lavender flowers.Hardly no chips! And it is lasting well.

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