Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victorian Disco Sub Box Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! So I have a new subscription to review for you guys and this one is Victorian Disco's sub!

Victorian Disco Cosmetic's sub is $13 a month and it is an indie sub. Kinda like Ophelia's Apothecary, but more focused on makeup instead of skin products. The sub includes a full size color of the month, a full size that is exclusive to the box, extra samples and extras. I adore Victorian Disco's eyeshadows, so I was super excited to hear about her sub.

She puts her stuff in little black mesh bags.

The thank you card.

The January color of the month is Resolutions I Won't Keep. This goes for $5.75. I don't wear pink eyeshadow too often, but I found a couple tutorials on YouTube and I definitely think that this can look good in certain ways! I'll probably try something out with this for Valentine's Day!

The full size for January subscribers is in the shade Unacceptable! This goes for $5.50. Again I don't really use yellow eyeshadow, but I found some nice looks online as well and I'm excited to try it out. Her shadows are really pretty, pigmented, and sparkly! I use them over some type of base (such as NYX's Big Eye Pencil in Milk) and they really pop!

The next item is a sample of a Lipgloss in Daedra. This isn't available yet? But I really like it! It wasn't sticky and it is a really nice pink shade! I think this was probably the most exciting thing in the sub for me because I was expecting all eyeshadow, so it was cool to get something else! (:

Then I got two sample baggies. One is an eyeshadow in Oh My Glob ($1). The other is a blush in Dragon Flame (also not available yet.). I love the eyeshadow color! From the online swatch is looks like a super pretty purpley grey color (actually now that I think about it maybe more Orchid like Pantone's color of the year?). Either way it's a great spring shade! I love the blush as well! It's a pretty orangey color, but when blended out it looked really nice on my skin!

All totaled my box is worth $12.25 (plus the lipgloss and the blush sample and shipping was free). Anyway this was a great deal and I am so happy I subbed! I got things in colors I'd never buy for myself and I am really excited tha this was more then just eyeshadow! I am so excited for the February box (which is sold out) because she said that she went a little crazy with it!

Glossybox Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! So I finally got in my January Glossybox Saturday, and I'm excited to show you guys what I got!

Glossybox is $21 a month and they send out deluxe and full size hair, makeup, skin, and nail products from more high end brands. I think they send out a good selection of foreign brands as well as smaller brands too.

Even though this month the boxes were super late, they usually come much earlier. I usually get mine the 3rd week of the month.

I love their boxes. They are so sturdy and are great to store things in!

The info card.

The first item was actually the first spoiler they released and it  is the Beauty Blender Pure ($19.95) and a sample of the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser ($3.98). I was so excited for this item! I've always wanted to try a real beauty blender (I have a couple of the knock offs)! I haven't used this yet, but I will probably end up using it this weekend, when I have time to figure out the correct way to do so. I also like that they included a sample of the cleanser.

The next item is Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream. This is .5 oz and goes for $9.17. I've been using this since Saturday and so far I can say I'm not super impressed (especially since a lot of people were saying how amazing it was after one use). But I think that my Aveeno moisturizer does a much better job moisturizing.

Then there is a BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Blush in Desert Rose. This is .17 oz and goes for $12.78. I've been obsessed with blush lately, so I was excited to get this! This is a pretty tannish pink shimmery color, that I think will look a lot better on me when I have a tan, so I'm going to put this away until spring/summer. (Which is fine since I have about a billion other blushes to use anyway.)

The next item is a Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash. This is 1.7 oz and goes for $6. I received a lipgloss from this brand a few months ago, and I didn't really like it, so I wasn't super thrilled to use this. However it's body wash, so it will get used as long as it isn't super drying. I do think the smell is kinda strange, it smells like ginger ale poured over some flowers or something.

The last item is a Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. This is 2.5 oz and goes for $4.99. I was so excited to know Toni & Guy was going to be in this box! I've been wanting to try their products. I love sea salt spray because I have naturally wavy hair and I think it just gives my hair that extra boost. The smell kinda gave me a headache though (it smelled like hair dye mixed with flowers), but I can overlook that since this made my hair look pretty!

All totaled my box is worth $56.87. That's a great deal since I only paid $21 for the box! I love Glossybox, they are one of my favorite boxes! I love that they include foreign brands, and just brands and products I want to try! I did cancel for February though because I haven't like the spoilers they've sent out so far, but I'd still totally recommend Glossybox to everyone, even with the crappy shipping last month.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Birchbox January 2014 Review!!

Hey guys! So I have a review of my January Birchbox today! I know this seems really super late, but I actually only got my box in about a week ago because I had cancelled after December, but since this month is a collab box I wanted to sign back up.

Birchbox is only $10 a month and they send primarily sample sized hair, skin care, and makeup items. I tend to get a lot of nail polish with them (which is fine since I put it in my profile that I love it), and they do send out a lot of tea and perfume samples as well.

This is what their boxes look like.

The theme for January was Go Time.

The first two items are the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. These go for $10 for both. I never use high end shampoo and conditioner, so I was excited to get this! I'm not sure if my hair looked any glossier, or if I'd rebuy, but they did a good job of making my hair look nice.

Then I received a Nail Rock Nail Glitter in Blue Glitter. This is full sized and goes for $7! I love that I always get nail polish in my Birchboxes and I was really hoping to get one of these sets! I love the Ciate sets, which are similar, so I can't wait to try this and see how it compares!

Then I got a Reviver Dry Deodorant Swipe for Clothes. This goes for $2.99. I'm pretty meh on this. I'm not around smokers or anything remotely smelly, so I'm not sure I'll ever use this.

The last item is an Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Eternal Marine. This is full sized and goes for $20! I love the Inika brand and I think this is such a pretty oceany blue green color! I am also super impressed that this is a full size, since Birchbox tends to not send out full sizes too often.

All totaled my box is worth $39.99. That's an amazing deal since I only paid $10! Plus with the $5 I get back in points, it's obvious this box was well worth the money. I was so excited to get two full sized items this month and I just adore everything I got! I definitely think Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription boxes of all time!

Want to sign up? You can do so here.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starlooks Starbox Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! So I have my Starlooks Starbox review from January.

Starlooks Starbox is $15 a month plus shipping (so my total is $17 and some change) and they send out full size items from Starlooks.

This is what their boxes look like.

This is their information cards. They talk about the theme on one side and then how to use the products on the other. There were a ton of different boxes this month, because the theme was Surprise Yourself! They did say that in February though, the only variations would be color variations.

The first item is an Infinity Eye Liner in Milky Way. This goes for $13! I really like this! I used this the other day with some purple liner to kinda create a cool looking cat eye and it looked super awesome! I love the texture of this and I think it is not only one of the best potted eyeliners I've used, but it can be used so many different ways! I really want more colors of this!

The next item is a Tender Gloss Lipstick in Puzzy. This goes for $13. I was pretty meh about this because the color pretty much disappeared on my lips. I did like the formula though ,it wasn't drying at all.

The next item is a Natalie Corona by Starlooks Infinity Lip Color in Eons. This goes for $15. I love this color! It is a nice pinkish berry color that just looks amazing! I haven't tried this yet, so I can't talk about the formula, but so far I like it.

Then there is a Natalie Corona by Starlooks Infinity Lip Color in Endless. This goes for $15. This is more of a frosty coppery color. I really like the color, but I haven't put it on yet to actually see if it's wearable or not yet.

The last item was just a little extra. It's an eyebrow comb. Not a bad item, just not something I'll probably ever use.

All totaled my box is worth $56! That's great since I only paid $17 and some change! I think Starbox is easily becoming one of my favorite boxes! The makeup they send tends to get sent in some different colors and I really love the quality of their items. Plus they offer amazing bonuses! Like they send out referral boxes every month if you've referred someone, birthday boxes in your birthday month, and they recently started a loyalty program, so every three months you're with them they will send you a loyalty gift valued at $35! (Which the first ones are being sent out this month, if you subbed from Dec-Feb!)

The February Looksbook is up and I'm really looking forward to it so far! If you're interested you have until the 10th of the month to sign up.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blush Mystery Box Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! I have a new (to me anyway) box to review for you guys today! That box is Blush Mystery Box! I had seen reviews were they were giving out full sized Klorane products, so I figured that I might as well get one, since getting an item you want and a bag full of other stuff is always fun!

Blush Mystery Box is $24.95 a month. Or $34.95 if you only want one box. I've cancelled quite a few subs recently, so I decided to sign up for the monthly plan!

They put everything into little black bags!

This is their info cards. It has the "Top Pick" product on the front and information about the other products on the back. It also lists the curator for the month: which is Dr. Michelle Spring.

The first item is a Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Tokyo. This is a sample and goes for $3? I think I have one of these in every color almost! And I'm also pretty sure I already have this color, so this will be going to the gift pile. It's an okay product, pretty color and smells good (like a Lime Crime lipstick). I just don't need two.

The only other sample in the whole box is a Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call. This goes for $7.53. I've been using a sample of a Goldfaden's scrub and I absolutely adore how it makes my skin look! I've been using this the past couple days and while I can't say for sure yet, I think my skin does look a bit better.

The next item is an Osmosis Skincare Harmonized Water Digestive Health. This is full sized and goes for $30! I'll be passing this along to my mom, simply because I really don't like taking anything extra for my body. It always just seems to mess it up more, so I just leave it alone.

The next item is the "Top Pick" of the month: A Pink Le Edge. This goes for $26. I think this is super cool! It's an exfoliating tool! I actually used it this morning and I really like how it made my skin look and feel! I never would have bought something like this, but I'm so happy to have gotten it in a box!

The next item is a Glytone Hydrating Eye Cream. This is full sized and goes for $38. I'm so happy to have gotten this! I'm almost out of the eye cream I've been using, so this came at the perfect time!

The last item (and the reason I signed up for this box) is the Klorane Mask with Desert Date. This is full sized and goes for $24! I was actually hoping to get the mask over the leave in cream, since I love hair masks! Plus this is huge! I know it's full sized and all, but still, this is going to last me forever! I love Klorane products! All the ones I've tried have been really amazing, so I'm sure this will be too!

All totaled my box is worth $128.53. That's amazing since I only paif $24.95 for the box! Sure I'm not going to use every single product, but even without those two things my box is worth just under $100! I would totally recommend Blush Mystery Box! It seems like a really great value and the products are totally quality. As of right now the January box is still available, but I'm sure the February one will be out in the next couple days!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! I got my January Vegan Cuts Beauty box in this week and I wanted to show you guys what I got! (By the way I am currently trying to catch up on reviews of boxes I've gotten in the past couple weeks, so there will be tons of things posted this weekend!)

Vegan Cuts Beauty box is $19.95 a month and they send out 4-7 cruelty free beauty products a month.

First look. They ship in plain brown boxes.

They're information cards. They talk about the items on one side and show a picture of the full sizes on the other.

The first item is a Dew Puff Asian Clay Sponge. This goes for $7. This is one of those exfoliating sponges. I have gotten quite a few of these in sub boxes recently and I really like how they make my skin look, so I'm glad to have another one!

The next item is Albrey Organics NuStyle Detangler & Shine Booster. This goes for $1.53. I really like Albrey Organic's body sprays, so I was super excited to get this! Tangles aren't a huge problem for me, but I used it this morning and it did make my small tangles a lot easier to brush through. The only thing is this doesn't really smell that good.

Then there is a Primal Pit Paste in Lavender. This goes for $1.11. I think this worked just as well as any other deodorant. However I didn't try it on a hot summer day, just a super cold day we've been having. I also like that the lavender scent isn't too overwhelming.

The next item is an Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Plumas. This is full sized and goes for $14.92. I've tried Ofra's lip glosses in the past and while they are nice I'll probably be passing this one along, since I have quite a few lip glosses in this color.

Then I got foil packets of Better Botanicals Jojoba Clarifying Scrub and Coriander Balancing Cleanser, and a Biao Beauty Night Creme. These go for $1. I am totally fine with getting foil packets! I'm sure the scrub and cleanser I should be able to get two uses out of. But the night creme sample is so small, I hope I can get one use out of it. Sad too, because that would have been something cool to really try out.

All totaled my box is worth $25.56. That's good since I only paid $20 for the box, however I'm not super in love with the box this month. I loved my first Vegan Cuts box, but I haven't really super duper loved the last two boxes, so I think I'm going to take a break and try something new. Maybe I'll save up for one of the more expensive Quarterly Co boxes or FabFitFun or something. I think Vegan Cuts is a great company and I'm excited to see what boxes they come out with in the future, just right now they aren't what I want.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eco Emi Mystery Box Review December 2013!!

Hey guys! So I actually thought I had published this awhile ago, but I guess I didn't, so I'm going to post it today!

This is the Eco Emi Mystery Box! It was $40 and I guess they do these every few months. (According to my mom it was in October, but I'm not too sure.) This was a Christmas present, so they are no longer available, but I wanted to post this so you guys could see what items they include.

If you don't know Eco Emi also does monthly boxes which are $15 a month. (:

They shipped this USPS 2 Day mail (which I believe is how they ship their monthly boxes as well) and it came super quick!

The first items are Sen Cha Natural Green Tea Leaf Mints. Teeccino Dandelion Caramel Nut Coffee Tee-Bag. Artisana Raw Walnut Butter. The three of these go for $1 together? I'm not a big fan of tea mints, so those got passed on. But I really loved the coffee tea bag. It was interesting and it tasted super good! I'd totally buy more! I've tried the walnut butter before and it is probably my favorite type of nut butter, so I was excited to get another packet of it.

Then there is a packet of Eco Dent Original Mint Daily Care Baking Soda Tooth Powder and Eco Dent Dental Gum. 2 Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes. 2 Bull Dog Original Moisturiser samples. These I'm going to say go for $1 as well. The tooth care products are meh. I've tried the deodorant towelettes before and they are ok. They're good for traveling, but I'm not sure that I'd ever use them otherwise. The moisturizer samples will be used as soon as I can put them into a sample jar. I've never heard of the brand before, but it looks nice!

I was really impressed that these were the only foil packets I received in the whole box!

The next items are a sleep mask, a Tallulah Jane Aiyana perfume sample (valued at $1.60), a mini wooden spoon and spatula set from It's All Good Party Supplies, and two samples of M&J Dog Essentials Nutrient Fusion Pre-Shampoo Treatment. I'm going to say that these, minus the perfume sample, goes for $1. Honestly the only thing I'm excited about in this lot is the perfume sample, which smells very classic and almost musky like. The sleep mask and wooden utensils will probably be given to my little sisters. I do have a dog, but she gets professionally groomed, so I'll probably give this to a friend that washes her own dog.

The next items are two packets of seeds from Botanical Interests. One is for Lettuce and the other is for Wheatgrass. These go for $4.08 for both. My mom does a garden every year so these will be going to her!

The next item is a Safronique Lavender Sea Laundry Detergent. This goes for $.55. I love this stuff! It made the clothes I washed smell so good! I've been trying to use more eco friendly home products as well as beauty products, so I was excited to try this! I might end up buying a full size.

The next item is a pack of 2 Grab Green Dishwashing Detergent pods. This goes for $.99. I was impressed with how clean and nice my dishes looked after using these! They did a great job and I'd totally buy them again!

Then I got a little bag of stuff from Dolphin Organics. It comes with a 1 oz bottle of baby shampoo and bodywash ($1.50). A 2 oz bottle of baby bubble bath ($3). A 2 oz bottle of hair conditioner ($3). And a foil packet of mineral sunscreen ($1?). I've only used the bubble bath so far and it made pretty nice bubbles, however I think I'll probably still use my Johnson and Johnson lavender soap because I think it's a bit more calming around bed time.

Then there is The Seaweed Bath Co. Powder Bath in Lavender Scent. This goes for $3.89. I haven't tried this yet because I always forget things like this, however I'm super excited to use it since I've heard good things about the brand!

The next item is a Aura Cacia Comforting Geranium Mineral Bath.This goes for $2.37. I haven't used this yet either, but it's a blend of geranium, rose, and lavender so I'm thinking it would be really calming and soothing!

Then there is the BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) Shampoo ($2.19) and Conditioner ($2.19) in rosemary mint tea tree. I was actually pretty excited to get both the shampoo and conditioner in the same box! I've tried BWC products before and I really like them, so I'm sure these will be great!

The next item is Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes. There are 10 in here and they go for $2.99. I did not like these at all! I primarily use facial wipes to remove makeup and these did an awful job at it! Plus they felt almost like they were dry, which is weird since they were sealed super tight when I opened them.

Then also from Burt's Bees a Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. This goes for $2.03. I love pretty much all of Burt's Bees' lotions because they are super moisturizing and this is no exception! I'm going to put it in my purse!

The next item is a 7th Heaven Clean Up Mud Mask. This goes for $2.99. I was just thinking today about how I really wanted to do a mask like this, so this will probably get used tonight! I love masks, so I was stoked to see this!

The next item is Fortune Cookie Soap Mother Pucker Whipped Cream. This goes for $.75? (currently out of stock) I've actually gotten this before in an Eco Emi box, but I'm totally okay with getting this again! I loved it the last time and I love it even more now because my skin only gets drier in winter! This is nice and moisturizing and it smells really good! Citrisy, like a lemon. (Plus you can't go wrong with Fortune Cookie Soap products.)

Then there is a Theraganics Detox Charcoal Bar. This goes for $2.28. I love charcoal face products! They are always great to get because I feel like they really do something for my face. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm sure I'll like it!.

The next item is The All Natural Face Vegan Lipgloss in Glazed Strawberries. This goes for $4.60. At first glance I thought I had about a billion other lipglosses in this color, but after looking at the lip glosses I reach for often, I'd definitely say that this one is a couple shades darker. It's really pretty and shimmery and I'm sure I'll use it at some point.

The next item is The All Natural Face Cream Blush for Lip and Cheek in Peachy Rose. This goes for $5.75. This is a dark coral color that looks really pretty on my skin! I love cream blushes and I've been obsessed with coral blushes recently and I was super excited to get this!

The next item is a Coco LacQuer nail polish mini in Breeze. This goes for $2. This is a pretty light blue creme. It will look pretty with some glitter or something over it and it will be great for spring!

Then there is a Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Creme Foundation. This goes for $1.40. I love that they sent out a sample of 3 different shades, however I have a very yellow undertone and I felt like these (well the medium one, since the light shade was way too light for me) made me look super ashy! I do think that the light one would be a good undereye concealer though!

The next item is a Erba Organics Mommy to Be Stretch Mark Cream. This goes for $4.12. I have super awful stretch marks from when I was pregnant with Gabe (yay for gaining an unhealthy amount of weight) but I've been using cocoa butter recently and it's really been helping. I'm sure I'll give this a try eventually, since I'm almost out of my current lotion.

Then there is an Albrey Body Spritzer in Tangelo Twist. This goes for $2.79. I love how this smells! It smells like such a classic perfume with a hint of citrus! (:

Sorry about the picture, my new camera sucks!

The next item is a Eartha Essentials Stress Relief Bath Soak. This goes for $2? I honestly have enough bath soaks to last me at least a year, especially with how often I actually use them. I like the idea of it, but I never have enough time to actually take a calming bath. This one smells like a pretty watered down version of an aromatherapy product, so this probably wouldn't be my first choice anyway.

The next item is French Girl Rose Cleansing Grains. This goes for $7.50? I've actually gotten this exact same sample before and I loved it! I used up the whole bottle, so I was stoked to get another sample! I think after I use this up I'll buy a full size! You can use it as either a cleanser or a mask and I've used it both ways and I just really like how my skin looks after. (:

The next item is a Suncoat Natural Mascara in brown. This is full sized and goes for $14.99. I was really needing a new brown mascara so I was super excited to get this. This is super cool because it's sugar based, however I've been using it for about a month and it doesn't really make my eyelashes look super amazing or anything. However I do think it's nice for a natural look (which is usually what I'm going for when I use brown mascara anyway.)

Then there is a Lauren Brooke Creme Eyeshadow in Dahlia.This goes for $1.40. I love this color! It is a nice light purple color. I tried it as a base for some more neutral toned pigments and it looked really pretty and lasted for quite awhile! I could totally see myself buying a couple of the neutral ones to use as bases for more bright eye looks!

The next item is a Purely You Purely Bronzer. This goes for $3.50 (I'm assuming it's half sized?) I do use bronzer as a contour, but since I'm happy with my current bronzer,  I haven't tried this one yet.

The last item is a super small sample of GBT Natural Eyeshadow in Gun Metal Gray. I'm estimating  these to be worth $.50? I don't use grey shadow often, so I'm not sure if I'll ever use this. I wish I had gotten a brighter color.

All totaled my box is worth $87.96. Not only is that a pretty good monetary value, but it's also a great value because of how many items you get! Most of these items, I've also never received before so that was also a plus! I love Eco Emi and I think I'll probably get another mystery box if they offer them again!