Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Victorian Disco Sub Box Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! So I have a new subscription to review for you guys and this one is Victorian Disco's sub!

Victorian Disco Cosmetic's sub is $13 a month and it is an indie sub. Kinda like Ophelia's Apothecary, but more focused on makeup instead of skin products. The sub includes a full size color of the month, a full size that is exclusive to the box, extra samples and extras. I adore Victorian Disco's eyeshadows, so I was super excited to hear about her sub.

She puts her stuff in little black mesh bags.

The thank you card.

The January color of the month is Resolutions I Won't Keep. This goes for $5.75. I don't wear pink eyeshadow too often, but I found a couple tutorials on YouTube and I definitely think that this can look good in certain ways! I'll probably try something out with this for Valentine's Day!

The full size for January subscribers is in the shade Unacceptable! This goes for $5.50. Again I don't really use yellow eyeshadow, but I found some nice looks online as well and I'm excited to try it out. Her shadows are really pretty, pigmented, and sparkly! I use them over some type of base (such as NYX's Big Eye Pencil in Milk) and they really pop!

The next item is a sample of a Lipgloss in Daedra. This isn't available yet? But I really like it! It wasn't sticky and it is a really nice pink shade! I think this was probably the most exciting thing in the sub for me because I was expecting all eyeshadow, so it was cool to get something else! (:

Then I got two sample baggies. One is an eyeshadow in Oh My Glob ($1). The other is a blush in Dragon Flame (also not available yet.). I love the eyeshadow color! From the online swatch is looks like a super pretty purpley grey color (actually now that I think about it maybe more Orchid like Pantone's color of the year?). Either way it's a great spring shade! I love the blush as well! It's a pretty orangey color, but when blended out it looked really nice on my skin!

All totaled my box is worth $12.25 (plus the lipgloss and the blush sample and shipping was free). Anyway this was a great deal and I am so happy I subbed! I got things in colors I'd never buy for myself and I am really excited tha this was more then just eyeshadow! I am so excited for the February box (which is sold out) because she said that she went a little crazy with it!

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