Sunday, February 9, 2014

Starlooks Starbox Review January 2014!!

Hey guys! So I have my Starlooks Starbox review from January.

Starlooks Starbox is $15 a month plus shipping (so my total is $17 and some change) and they send out full size items from Starlooks.

This is what their boxes look like.

This is their information cards. They talk about the theme on one side and then how to use the products on the other. There were a ton of different boxes this month, because the theme was Surprise Yourself! They did say that in February though, the only variations would be color variations.

The first item is an Infinity Eye Liner in Milky Way. This goes for $13! I really like this! I used this the other day with some purple liner to kinda create a cool looking cat eye and it looked super awesome! I love the texture of this and I think it is not only one of the best potted eyeliners I've used, but it can be used so many different ways! I really want more colors of this!

The next item is a Tender Gloss Lipstick in Puzzy. This goes for $13. I was pretty meh about this because the color pretty much disappeared on my lips. I did like the formula though ,it wasn't drying at all.

The next item is a Natalie Corona by Starlooks Infinity Lip Color in Eons. This goes for $15. I love this color! It is a nice pinkish berry color that just looks amazing! I haven't tried this yet, so I can't talk about the formula, but so far I like it.

Then there is a Natalie Corona by Starlooks Infinity Lip Color in Endless. This goes for $15. This is more of a frosty coppery color. I really like the color, but I haven't put it on yet to actually see if it's wearable or not yet.

The last item was just a little extra. It's an eyebrow comb. Not a bad item, just not something I'll probably ever use.

All totaled my box is worth $56! That's great since I only paid $17 and some change! I think Starbox is easily becoming one of my favorite boxes! The makeup they send tends to get sent in some different colors and I really love the quality of their items. Plus they offer amazing bonuses! Like they send out referral boxes every month if you've referred someone, birthday boxes in your birthday month, and they recently started a loyalty program, so every three months you're with them they will send you a loyalty gift valued at $35! (Which the first ones are being sent out this month, if you subbed from Dec-Feb!)

The February Looksbook is up and I'm really looking forward to it so far! If you're interested you have until the 10th of the month to sign up.

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