Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ophelia's Apothecary October 2013 Box Review!

Hi guys! Today I have a review of my all time favorite subscription box: Ophelia's Apothecary!

Ophelia's Apothecary is a box curated by an Etsy seller, who now has her own website. All her stuff is homemade, but it is amazing! Boxes are $15 a month, and you always get a nice assortment of items!

She ships all her boxes in a bubble mailer, and this is the bag that was inside it! (It was tied and made to look pretty of course, but I already opened mine!)

This is the information card. I love her info cards btw, they are just amazing! This month the box has a breast cancer theme.

The first two items is a beautiful pink bracelet that has an angel charm on it and a little pink ribbon. I really love the bracelet! It will be beautiful layered or by its self. I'll probably put the little pink ribbon on a chain and put it in my car. My grandmother had breast cancer twice, and both times she recovered from it, so it will be a strong reminder to me to get regular exams and to make sure to see a doctor if anything seems weird.

The next item I'm totally in love with! It is a little gift card from I love this! I'm not too sure who I'll give it too, but it is such a great quality card! I'm already planning a Christmas card order from her, since those seem equally as nice and are super cute!

The next item is a sample of the Pink Chiffon Whipped Body butter. This smells super sweet and somewhat fruity. I love it!

This also seems super thick and moisturizing, so I'm super excited to try this and see how it helps my super dry skin!

The next item is a Pink Frosting Lip Balm. I love getting lip balm, and I like the little tub this comes in. I will probably use this at night before bed with a lip brush, so I don't get a bunch of bacteria in it though. This does really smell like frosting! I just love how her products smell! They all smell amazing!

The next item is a Pink perfume oil. This smells very nice. Like flowers and fall and I can already tell I'm going to wear this a lot! I've gotten a couple other perfume oils from her and they have all been amazing!

The last item is a Pink Sugar Luxe Body Splash.This smells just like candy, actually a lot like cotton candy. This isn't my favorite scent, but I do like it a lot.

That's it for my box. I don't do a total value really for her box, since I always feel like I get my money's worth! This box is my fave. I love her products, and her customer service is great. I'm so excited for my Christmas card order, and I just love this box! If you like homemade/indie type brands you need to try her box! (:

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