Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beauty Army March 2013 Unboxing and First Thoughts

I got my Beauty Army kit for March today and I am so excited! Beauty Army is definatly one of my favorite subs. Not only do you get to pick your own samples, but the samples are a lot of the time from brands I've never heard of before. Plus it is only $12 a month.

Today I was actually patient enough to wait to take pictures before I ripped into the box.
This is what the outside of the packing box looks like. The sides have some white camo print. I really love the packing! I think the camo is super cute!

 The inner box looks like this, it's actually way more pink in person, my camera was acting up! It says Beauty Army on the top.
This is how my box looked when I unwrapped all the tissue. I forgot to take a picture of it, but the inside detailing of the box is a really cute pink camo print. Love it!

The card is just a generic card that everyone gets.

Now onto the samples!!!

The first thing I got is a GG Gatsby Raise Volume Conditioner. It is .5 oz. I got the shampoo last month and I've been hoping that the conditioner would come up in my selection window so that way I could try the pair together. I hope it really does give some volume, because I'd be all for that!

The next thing  I got is an Amalactin Body Lotion. It is 2 oz, which is an awesome sample size! I have some super dry patches so I will probably be testing this on those to see if it makes any difference. The smell, as far as I can tell from the bottle I haven't actually put it on skin yet, smells a bit like glue or just something equally as funky smelling. Oh well I will try it anyway.

Then I got a Cotz Face with SPF 40 (it's just a sunscreen). This sample is tiny at only 3 grams. Thankfully I'm getting another one in my *spoiler* April Sample Society box.*spoiler* My moisturizer already has sunscreen in it, but I'm totally excited to try this anyway, even though I will probably wait until summer to use this since I won't need the extra nourishment of my moisturizer in summer.

Then the thing I was moist excited for is the Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigment Eyeshadow in Green Beret. The sample size is .02 oz. My mom has this one and it is so pretty I just had to get it too! I put this on as soon as I got it and it is such a pretty green color. It does have some fallout, but that's ok. These are really pigmented. They are also made exclusively for Beauty Army.

This is just a better picture of the color. I'd say that the color it looks in the bottle is pretty true to color in person. Ooo, plus it's sparkly!

 Then I got the New York Streets Dry Shampoo. This is a full size and retails for 17.99. I love dry shampoo! I use it at least once a week so I'm super excited to try this one, especially since I still haven't found my favorite one yet, though the one I use when I don't have a sample of it is Treseme usually. The weird thing is that they shipped this with the cap off, hmm interesting.

The next thing I got is a full size of the Mark Scanda- lash Hook up Mascara in Black Lash. This retails for $6.50. I got this because last month I got a hook up connecter (which I got another one this month!) and I wanted to connect the lip gloss I got with a mascara for something to throw in my school bag.
I like most Avon/Mark products, but I don't think I've ever tried the mascara. I'm a little hesitant to try it because I usually like brushes that are a bit thicker then this one, but as long as it gives me length over volume I'll like this.

So for $12 I got over $24 in full size items alone, plus the samples! Again Beauty Army has given me a great selection to choose from and great sample sizes! I love this sub and I don't see me canceling anytime soon.

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