Thursday, March 28, 2013

Julep Maven Bombshell Intro Box March 2013

Today after tons of stalking the USPS website, I finally got my Julep box, and I'm so excited!

I'm not usually a big nail polish addict, but ever since I had my baby I've gotten used to wearing it. Mostly because there are days when I don't have time to put on makeup, but I always have at least 15 extra minutes a week, so I'm trying to expand my polish collection.

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription box that for $19.99 a month, they send you 3 full size products, all Julep brand. You have the option to stick with your box, skip a month, or even change your box type. Also by being a Maven you get a ton of awesome things, like 20% off the whole (I think its the whole) Julep site!

Now onto the awesomeness that is my Julep Maven Bombshell Intro Box.

 This is what the side of the box looks like. I'm not sure if I'm going to reuse this or not because it is a shipping box, but we'll see.

These are what the cards look like. The top card on the front welcomes me, and on the back it tells about the perks of being a maven. The bottom card is basically the same thing except the front talks about being a "Bombshell."

This is what it looked like when I opened it, only the cards were laying flat. I love that they wrapped the nail polish in bubble wrap and then put them in a little bag.

Now onto the products!
I got a little foil packet of the Glycolic Hand Scrub. I won't be able to use this until summer because of how dry and irritated my hands are, but I'm excited to try it. I love that they included a little extra, even if it is a foil.

The first polish I got, and the one I was most excited for, is the Julep polish in Sienna. It's like a silvery gold color and is supper pretty! I've been obsessed with gold polish recently and this is nothing like the other 2 I have so it was awesome to get another one. I think I'll be using this in a french mani or as details. This retails for $14.

The second polish I got is Eva. It is a really pretty pink berry color, which surprisingly isn't like any other polish I have either! I think I'm going to wear this next week and then use Sienna and put polka dots or stripes on it. This also retails for $14.

The last thing I got is the Instant Warming Foot Scrub, which I'm super excited for! I always pamper my feet quite a bit, because I tend to walk around barefoot outside a lot. I'm not too sure about the warming part, but I'm totally excited to give this a try! This retails for $22! Wow!

Overall I'm in love with this box! I am so going to get a box next month, so long as none of the colors are too similar to ones I already have. The total value of my box is $50!! Considering I only paid like $3 for shipping that is awesome.

By the way I got this box for free and all I had to pay was shipping (the code is: FREEBOX)

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