Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sample Society March 2013 Review!

Sample Society came late this month, like almost 2 weeks later then normal, because they had a problem with one of the samples. I'm okay with waiting a little longer for a box, but only if that box is awesome and I'm just not wowed by Sample Society. I'm give them one more month to wow me (March is my second month), but otherwise I'm going to cancel.

Sample Society is $15 a month and they promise 5 deluxe sized samples. In the 2 boxes that I've gotten I've received a full sized item in each, which is good.

Now onto what I got!

 This is what the box looks like. Pretty and reusable!

 Sample Society is partners with Allure Magazine, so every month we get a mini mag filled with beauty trends and tips!

This is what the card looks like. On one side they give the gift code. The code is pretty awesome because if you like one of the brands in your box and you spend $50 including buying something by one of the box featured brands then its like you get the box for free. On the other side is the details about the box contents.

The first thing I got is a teeny sample of the Murad Essential-C Day Moisture with SPF 30 the sample size is .33 ounces. I've already used this a couple times, and its ok. I wouldn't buy it since it's really pricey ($60!) and my Aveeno one works just as well.

The thing that just really sucks is the Lash Food Eyebrow Conditioner. The sample size is .05. I'm not going to be able to use this, since my eyebrows are full and healthy. I love that they tried to be innovative, but I would have preferred the eyelash one instead.

Then we have a full size Butter London nail polish in The Old Bill which is $15, so this paid for the box in itself! (: I really like the color. Its bronzey, but not really glittery. I wore it under the Sally Hanson Extreme Wear Nail Polish in Strobe Light and it was really pretty! I'm meh about this product. It chipped insanely fast and just didn't last that long, but the application was great and it dried quick and I will probably buy a couple more. I was so excited for this because I've been wanting to try BL for forever and could never justify the price. (:

Then we have the Hollywood Fashion Tape 18 pack. Which the card says is a full size and that it retails for $9.25. I have yet to use this yet, but I've been really wanting to buy some of this and I'm so happy to have gotten this in a box! This was the product I was most looking forward too!

Last but not least is the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist. The sample size is 1 ounce which is a great sample size! I'm really excited to use this because it has a spray top. Considering hair oil has been a big trend lately, its nice to see that they did something different by sending one with a spray top instead of one you have to pour which gets messy.

Overall I'm just not wowed by Sample Society. I get stuff that I want to try and that I'm excited about, but I still always just end up feeling meh about the box overall. So I think I'll probably end up cancelling after April, unless April is amazing.

****Just a note, April's boxes will go back to being shipped on their normal cycle. So we can expect shipment dates on the 1st!****

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  1. Id actually love this box! Even though the samples are small the butter london makes up for it, and they are better samples than what us Canadians get from our sad beauty box companies :( lol