Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bluum Box Review August 2013!!! 13 Month Old Boy!

I got my Bluum box today and I couldn't have been more excited! Bluum is my favorite baby box and I've tried what I feel to be the big three (Citrus Lane, Stork Stack, and Bluum.) Bluum is only $25 and they have boxes for newborns up to 5 I believe.

The boxes are big and red, you totally know what box it is!

This is the card. It isn't really an information card, they email that to you (I got it yesterday.) but this card talks about the theme this month: Movin' and Shakin'. I don't really understand how the theme fits into what the products are, but whatever. I tend to not understand themes anyway.

The first item I got is The Snack Trap.  This goes for $4.99. It's just an easy to hold cup that has a no leaking top. I'm really wondering about that one as I'm sure that a cherrio could easily escape the slits in the lid since they seem really big.  Anyway the cat (or the Arlo as G called it, since Arlo is my cat he thinks Arlo is the word for cat instead of cat) is super cute and I know this will totally get used anyway, spill proof or not.

The  next item is Baby Ecos Laundry Detergent. This is 4 oz and goes for 64 cents. This is in the scent Free and Clear. I am really faithful to my Tide, but I'll give this a try. However it probably won't be something that I switch to, since I already use a detergent that I love and is way more readily available. Plus this has no scent and I prefer my detergent to have one.

The next item is a Luna Fiber bar in the flavor Vanilla Blueberry. This goes for $1.41. I've had Luna bars before and I really like them, so I'm excited to eat this one! However I would have preferred a food item for G, since I really don't need it. ;)

The next item is Weleda Baby Calendula Baby Cream. This is a full size and goes for $12. I've heard great things about Weleda Baby products, so I'm so excited to try this! It will actually probably be used tonight after G's bath. It has a nice smell, like Johnson bath soap and citrus. It definitely smells like something a baby would use.

Then I got a Melissa and Doug Peek-a-Boo Panda. This goes for $7.99. I already have one of these that I got in last month's Citrus Lane, so this will either be a car toy or it will be a toy for grandpa's house. (I'd give it away, but none of my friends are pregnant or have kids.) G did like this toy and I think it's cute. He loves making the clicking sounds with the arms. :)

The last item is the 100 Best Fresh Salads Cookbook. This goes $7.91. I love this book! It seems so nice. There are nice pictures for every recipe and it seems like the salads aren't your boring run of the mill type salads. I'm still trying to loose my baby weight (I know 13 months later and I still have 50 pounds to loose, I'm awful.) so these will be a lot of fun to try!

All totaled my box is worth $34.94. Even not including the price of the toy, this box is still a great value! Everything is useable and frankly, this box is worth it just to see my little boy's face light up when he sees that he got something. I love Bluum and I can't wait to get them next month!

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