Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lip Factory August Box Review 2013!!

Hi guys! Today I have my review of the August Lip Factory box! I'll admit, I was a bit apprehensive to open it, since I wasn't really impressed with the other boxes I've gotten from them, and I was really thinking about dropping them since at $22 they are a bit more pricey, but well let's just move on to the review!

Lip Factory changed their outer boxes this month, and I'm wondering if that means they are trying to redo their boxes too. Sort of like what Birchbox did a couple months ago.

The inner boxes are still the same though.

They also changed their information cards. Now they not only display the brands and theme, they also tell you a bit about the products!

The first product is the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light. This goes for $4.49. I'm not the biggest NYX fan, but I am so excited that I got this! It can be used as an eye brighter, lip liner, or a concealer. This has to be the coolest thing ever!  I wasn't even aware that such a great multi use product existed. I think this will be a great thing to take traveling or to put in an on the go kit. This is my favorite thing in the box! (:

The next item is a Sweetpea and Fay Lip Joule in Big Parade. This goes for $7.99. I normally love pink lip glosses since they seem to be my go to thing, but I am swimming in them right now so I will be passing this along to a friend. Plus I've tried an almost identical looking Sweetpea and Fay gloss (that I got in LF like 3 months ago)  in pretty much the exact same color and wasn't too impressed, so this was pretty much a big meh for me overall.

The next item is another lip product and it is a Colour U Matte Lipstick in Skinny Dip. This goes for $15. We got a Colour U eyeshadow a couple months ago, so I was so excited to see this lipstick and it did not disappoint! It is such a nice matte brownish nude color (way different pictured) that is great for fall and is surprisingly flattering. I just adore it! (:

The next thing is a pair of fake eyelashes from Red Cherry. These go for $2.50. These are made of all human hair. I really like fake eyelashes and I know these will be used. I do like that they are also a bit more dramatic, as that is what I normally go for! So another win for LF! (:

The next item is a White Towel Makeup Remover. This goes for $4.99 which I think is crazy for just one towel! I love my pre moistened remover wipes and I know I'll probably save this for a day when I'm in between packages of my Yes To ones, but at $4.99 for one there is no way I'd ever purchase one!

The last item is a Me Me Me Cosmetics Shimmer Stack in Gold. This goes for $15.68. This is so pretty! Everything from the packaging to the nice sized mirror inside to the actual stack, which is shimmery without being over the top is perfect! The only thing is these are way to brown and bronzey for me to wear on my cheeks so I'll be using this as eyeshadow.

All totaled my box is worth $50.65. That's great since I only paid $22 for the box! Not only that, but I really feel like this month Lip Factory really stepped it up. Last month I felt they just threw whatever they could into their boxes, but I really think that changed this month and that they had a game plan and really brought their A game. I love everything I got and I am so excited for next month, something I never thought I'd say with Lip Factory. I'm glad they changed my mind! (:

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