Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kismet DIY Box Review August 2013!!!

Today I have another unique and fun box to review and that one is Kismet. Kismet is a brand new (August was their first month) DIY beauty box and every month they will send you a new beauty product that you can DIY yourself at home. They send you pretty much everything you need and simple step by step instructions on how to make the item.

I'm really into DIYing things, so I though this would be a great box for me. Plus at only $23.95 a month that is way cheaper then a couple of the other DIY boxes I was eyeing. 

 The boxes are just plain and brown.

First look. That really is a packed box! However do you guys notice something that is missing? Something papery and card like?

Yep that's right my instructions were missing! However I emailed them at about 6:30 tonight and I got a reply almost immediately back with the link to the instructions on the website (duh I should have looked.) Anyway I'd say that's top knot CS right there.

This month they gave you everything you needed to make lip balms and lip gloss. I got 4 tubes for like normal lip balm, and then 4 more tubes for a different type of skinnier lip blam and then two squeeze tubes for lip gloss. Plus the flavoring and coloring, castor oil, base, and the utensils needed.

I used 1/3 of the base (like it says too), 22 drops of the scent which smells like watermelon, and 4 scoops of the coral Mica powder.

It's actually a bit trickier getting the balm in the tubes, since it dries pretty quick. However since I microwaved it to being with, the instructions said I could microwave it again and it was much easier to work with. The instructions are super easy to follow and they even have nice big pictures! DIYers at any skill level could totally make this. I was a total newbie and this was actually pretty easy.

The finished product. I only did two, my mom and sisters did a few more since I ended up putting G to bed since he got cranky. However all the finished ones are really nice. I love how moisturizing they are. I did it so that they were just sheer color, however tomorrow I might do it again with the lip gloss and use more color and more oil, since otherwise my lip gloss would be more like a balm. I think this box is really cool, and I can totally fit time into my schedule every month to make a few fun beauty products! Plus what I really like is that in the future if I wanted to I could make more lip balm/lip gloss and I'd know it would be a snap!

Overall I can't really do a value on this box. I think it was fun to just bond with my mom and sisters and actually make something. Something that I can use and then know how to do again later. I think this box was 100% worth it and I can't wait till next month!

I'd really love to hear what you guys think of Kismet! Is it something you'd be interested in?


  1. Thank you so much for your review! Glad you enjoyed the box!

    1. So are we ever going to get our september boxes? Or is this a scam?

    2. Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with them, but it seems sketchy. There has been nothing from them on Facebook, and I haven't gotten any response from them either. However it seems like they had no problem charging my card...