Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glossybox Review November 2013!!

Hey guys! First off happy Thanksgiving! I'm not really going to be doing much. Some of my family came in from out of town and we are all going to be at my parent's house. I'm also super excited for shopping, since I've saved up quite a bit of money. I'm ready to go crazy, for Gabe's presents that is! (Plus Kmart has a bunch of awesome bogo free deals, that I can't wait for!)

Today I have a Glossybox review for you guys. I actually wasn't planning on getting a box this month, but my aunt got two, so she gave me one.

Glossybox is $21 a month and they say they will deliver five luxurious full and deluxe size beauty items every month!

This is what their boxes look like. These are probably the best boxes any subscription service has. They are a great size and super sturdy. I've been getting Glossybox for almost a year and I haven't gotten rid of a box yet since they are great for storing things in!

This is their information card. The theme this month is Holiday Romance, which I never really understand the themes, and this month is no different since I don't think this box is holidayish or romantic.

The first item I got is a Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Eyeliner and Shadow. This is full size and goes for $17.12. I guess I got it in Steel, which should be grey, however even when I swatch it, it looks green to me.

Doesn't that look green? Anyway, I love the color and I really like the formula of this! I probably won't be using it as a shadow since the pencil is more eyeliner like, but I do like it as an eyeliner and I could totally seeing myself buying this in black to replace my Avon eyeliner, since the Jelly Pong Pong one is cruelty free! (:

The next item, and the reason why I wasn't planning on getting this month's box, is an Emite Makeup Eye Shadow in Dams. This is full size and goes for $25.48. I have pretty much zero reason to wear black eyeshadow,so I don't see myself using this a ton. However I might use it to help set my eyeliner, but I'm still pretty meh about this product overall.

The next item is a Mastey Color Protection Leave in Oil Treatment. At first I thought this was a sample, but apparently it's full sized and it goes for $25! I don't really like oil treatments, so this will be passed on to someone who will love it.

The next item is an Aloe Source Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish. This is 1 oz and goes for $4.47. I've already used this, since I'm a huge Aloe Vera fan (I have a giant aloe vera plant in my house) and I really liked it. It seemed to do a good job of cleaning my skin and it left my face feeling nice and clean. I'm not sure it was $30 worth of like, but I did really like it!

The last item is a Nicka K Angled Shadow Brush. This goes for $4.99. I love that they included a brush. I always seem to misplace brushes and this one is super nice and soft. I've tried other things by Nicka K and liked them and this brush is no exception. It's pretty awesome. If your interested in trying out this brand check out TJ Maxx/Marshalls. I've gotten some face wipes from there (which are cheap and awesome) and I think they may have had some of their other items there as well, but I'm not sure.

Overall my box has a value of $77.06. Yes that's a great value, and while the items I really enjoyed were over the cost of the box (the brush, face polisher, and eyeliner) I just wasn't super in love with this box. Usually I don't look at subs like well do I really need more eyeshadow, but looking at this box it's like well the things I like did I really need them? I'm glad this was just a gift, because I wasn't super thrilled with this month either. I think I'm just over Glossybox and unless the December spoiler is awesome I doubt I'm going to resub in the near future.

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