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Ulta, Beauty Brands, Shiro Cosmetics, Hit Polish, and Victorian Disco Haul!!

Hi guys! So I've been shopping quite a bit lately so I thought I'd make a haul. One of my new favorite obsessions is indie/Etsy store brands. I've bought quite a bit from those types of companies the past few months and I finally got some in the mail where it was convenient to show you guys what I got!

Let's just get started!

From Victorian Disco, an indie makeup brand based near Chicago! This is how my stuff came, isn't that cat sticker the cutest thing ever?!

The first thing I got was an eyeshadow in Bath House. I got the mini size jar and it was $2.25. I really love this color! It is a really pretty sparkly green color! This color is actually pretty unique to my collection as well.

The next item is also an eyeshadow. This one is from the Still a Better Love Story Collection and is in the shade Angry Italian Vampires. This is also the mini size jar and is $2.25. This is so pretty! It's black with a nice burgundy shift to it and I adore it! This color is what prompted me to order from Victorian Disco, since I just thought it was super unique. And it was a spoof of Twilight and really, I love that!

The next item is a sample of the Halloween Town eyeshadow. This was only $1 and it is filled pretty full! As you can see it is black with a beautiful gold sheen. I've been wanting to step out of my comfort zone and try different colored eyeshadows, so I thought that black would be a good place to start since it isn't far from my all neutral eye looks with the occasional pop of color.

These two items were the free samples that I got!! (: The first one is Kidnap Sandy Claws, which is black color with green sparkles, and the other one is Jack and Sally and is a pretty blue grey color. I love these and I'm excited to use them!

I am very happy with what I ordered from them and I would totally do so again! Just a note the turn around time or TAT was 2 weeks when I placed my order and my order actually shipped out in exactly a week, so that was awesome!

From Shiro Cosmetics! Shiro is another indie makeup brand! (:

 The first two items are from the Randomly Generated collection (aka Minecraft inspired!) My hubby loves Minecraft so when I saw these I just had to get them! I've also convinced David that he needs to get me the rest of them, since they are awesome!

The color on the left is It's Mossy and the color on the right is I'll Move that for You. These are the collector's cubes and were $8.50 each.

It's Mossy has a mossy coblestone and a spider on it. But I pretty much choose this one because I adore the color!

I'll Move that for You has Endermen on it! (:

It's Mossy is a beautiful green, blue color! I love it! I was a bit worried that it was similar to Bath House ,but Bath House is way more blue toned, where this one is more green.

I'll Move that for You is a beautiful sparkly dark purple color! This is probably one of my favorite items in the whole haul! The only thing is that the lid is a pain to get on and off, so hopefully I don't end up spilling it all trying to wrestle it open.

Then I got two samples the blue one is Diamonds (from the Randomly Generated Collection) and then I got Baker's Boy (from The Tributes, aka Hunger Games inspired, collection). These were $1 each. Diamonds is a really pretty light blue color and Baker's Boy is a super shimmery light brown. I was hoping Baker's Boy could be my new go to neutral tone and I think it's pretty close to what I was looking for, I'm just going to have to make sure everything else is matte when I use it!

Now onto the free stuff! I got candy! (: I also got two samples. The first one is Aftercop, Aftercop, a really pretty navy blue color (which surprisingly is super unique to my collection. Score!) and Twilight Realm, which is grey with blue sparkles (also super unique!)

I am 100% totally satisfied and I'm already planning my next order from her! I'm probably going to try out of their intertubes along with more of their Randomly Generated collection and I want to try out more of their other collections as well. (Hint Hint I think November 9th is when they are launching a new collection since it was posted about on their Facebook page)  Also her stated TAT was 3 weeks and she shipped my order out in 6 days, so yay!

Then from one of my newest favorite stores: Hit Polish! I've placed like 2 orders from them in the past couple weeks and I'm already planning on making a 3rd order within the next week or so. I just can't help it! Everything she makes is so pretty and her shipping is super fast!

I got three polishes this time around. One was on sale and then two are from the Limited Edition Thanksgiving line (of which there are only two.) Just so you know these are all glittery top coats.

The first one is She's a Glamazon. This was on sale for $3.38. I actually bought the last one of these, but it is gorge! It is pink, silver, and gold and it has stars and crescent moons in it which I think is totally cool!

The next one is one of the Thanksgiving ones and it is in the shade Thankful. This was $3.75. I really couldn't decide between which Thanksgiving polish I wanted and I thought I'd like this one more then the other, and while this one is pretty and I think it's more unique, I actually think I like the other one more, so I'm glad I got them both! This one is brown, orange, and yellow. It has tons of different types of glitter in it from hex to bar to even yellow flower shaped glitter! It is really cool and unique.

The last one is the other Thanksgiving one and that one is called Sweet Potato Souffle. This is also $3.75. This is white, brown, orange, and black. I like this one the best, I think, because it reminds me of the sweet potato thing that my family has at every Thanksgiving meal! (Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows!)

One of the things that I really love about her polishes are how unique they are! And they are super sparkly!

 From Beauty Brands! Which how amazing is this packaging? When I opened it, David was all "What box did you get this time?" I was like "uhh it's not a box, it's just nail polish." David just looked at me blankly. I think to him sometimes all my beauty purchases just run together.

I got the Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Ruby Red Slippers. This was only $9.50. All their Deborah Lippmann stuff is 50% off until they get rid of it since they are no longer carrying her brand.

Isn't this a pretty BLACK and red polish in the bottle?

Well on me for some reason it looks brown!  I do like it since it just looks like chocolate covered strawberries, but since I was hoping it would be more black it isn't a great Halloween color. Oh well next time I think I'll use a black polish under it, maybe that would help?

 These are the free samples I got. I think they are all a great size of brands I'm excited to use! (: I got a Hempz Body lotion, a Bliss Foaming Face Wash, and a Ahava Velvet Body Lotion and Cream Wash.

Then I also used a code to get a Hempz Orange Ginger and Amber Hand Sanitizer and Triple Moisture body lotion. I can't believe that these were free! They are pretty awesome sizes! The code I used is WE8208.

The last place is Ulta. I had a 20% off coupon, so I decided to get some things. Also I got some things that I'm going to use for Christmas presents, that I did not include in this haul!

The first thing is a NYX Loose Pearl Powder in Oro. This was $2.99 (none of the prices include the 20% off since I didn't really feel like doing the math). I'm addicted to loose pigments and I've been loving gold eyeshadow recently so I thought this was sort of like the best of both worlds. Plus if I mix this with some clear polish, I can make a gold polish too! (:

The next item is the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sparkle Green. This goes for $4.49. I love the Jumbo eye pencils! I was super excited to get this since I think it would be great to use around the holidays!

A close up. It is a bit more teal then I thought it would be, but still super pretty!

The next item is the Ulta Wicked Mini Blockbuster. This was $16. For some reason I just needed this! I thought I'd love it, but I don't for some reason. I mean I like it and I'll use it, but it just isn't as awesome in person as I thought it would be. I actually really like Ulta's makeup brand and when they have good sales I tend to pick up their eye shadows and liners, but this isn't as thrilling (especially compared to the next item I'm going to show you.)

This comes with 3 eye shadow trios, a blush duo, 2 eyeliners, 2 lip glosses, 3 eye shadow applicators, a blush brush, and a pencil sharpener. So it is a good deal and like I said Ulta brand makeup is pretty good (:

It also gives you get the look ideas which I always appreciate! I know this will get used a lot, but it just isn't something I love (but at the same time I like it too much to return it.)

The next item is the Ulta Light Them Up Eye and Lip Set. This was $16. I was originally going to give this to my mom as a Christmas present and keep the Wicked one for myself, but after seeing the awesomeness that is this kit I think I'm going to keep this and buy my mom another one. This kit is just amazing!

I've already played around with this and the eye pencils are just as good as the NYX ones.  This comes with 5 mostly neutral toned jumbo eye pencils, a eye prime, 2 lip glosses, and a sharpener. It also tells you how to get the look. I really love this one and I'd totally recommend it!

The last item is the Philosophy Fruitcake Mix. This was $26. I feel like around Christmas time is when I always buy my Philosophy items and it seems like 2013 was no exception. I was initially drawn into this set because I thought it was like a body wash that smelled like fruitcake, but the actual reality of what it is, is so much cooler!

It's actually a three piece set! It comes with a vanilla cake mix shower gel that you use first, then you use the candied pecan body scrub, then you finish off with the Cranberry Medley lotion and wha la you smell like fruit cake! I thought this was super cool and I can't wait to use it! Plus everything smells amazing by itself and I'm going to be buying a bigger bottle of one of Philosophy's cake products!

I actually do think I bought one Philosophy item that wasn't at Christmas time and that was last spring I went to TJ Maxx and bought their Italian Soda Fountain set since I adore their Black Cherry Cola scent!

These are my samples from Ulta. They are the most disappointing since they are all one time use. I mean I could understand if I spent like $20, but my order with the gifts was over $100 and I can't even get one spray bottle? That's not right, especially when the indie companies sample's rocked and they are way smaller then Ulta is.

That's my haul! Any recent purchases you want to share? Any good sales going on? What are your favorite indie brands?

Other random sales that I thought I should mention: The Butter London Friend's and Family Sale is on! (use code FFHOLIDAY to save 30%.)

Also the Secret Store is open to all Julep Mavens this month! Yay! They have some great stuff in there so you might want to check it out if you're a Maven!

Note: I am aware that indie brands sell more then just eyeshadow, but eyeshadow/loose pigments is my personal favorite and I already have enough lip stuff to last me a life time, so I just prefer the eye makeup! (:

Also if you click the Julep link, it takes you to the Maven sign up page through my referral link, just so you know.

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