Friday, November 29, 2013

Lip Factory Review November 2013!!

Today I have my Lip Factory review for you guys! I haven't been subbed to them for a couple months, but I remembered that November was their All about Lips month, so I had to resub!

Lip Factory is $22 a month and they send out all full size products, with a focus on the lips. So you will always get at least 2, I think it is, lip products a month. And in November and March they have All About Lips months, where all you get is lip products!

This is what their boxes look like.

The information card. These are probably my favorite information cards ever! They talk about the products and have pictures and they are just really nice!

The first item is a Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Petal Pink. This goes for $6.49. I haven't opened this yet, since I might end up giving it as a stocking stuffer. I have so many lipsticks in this shade and I think I tried a Palladio product before and wasn't a big fan (however I'm not sure and I'm going to have to check my stash to make sure that I'm thinking about the right thing.) The color does seem to be a really pretty pink though!

The next item is a Designer Skin Lip Shimmer in Berry. This goes for $7.30. This is a nice berryish pink color that I love! I do already have a couple other shades of this, that I also happen to have gotten from Lip Factory, but I do really like them! The colors on these are really nice and they aren't super sticky. Plus I'm pretty sure I don't have any other colors like this, so that's a win!

The next item is a Model Co Lip Couture Lipstick in Sunset. This goes for $17. I love Model Co's lipsticks! They don't dry out my lips and the colors are so pretty and pigmented! Plus I love the little mirrors that are on the side! The color I got is a nice orangey red color that would look really nice with a neutral brown eye.

The next item is a Medusa's Makup Lipgloss in Rumors. This goes for $8. I actually received a Medusa's Makeup shimmer powder in my Vegan Cuts box, so I was excited to be able to try more from the brand. And now I'm officially obsessed! I recently bought a ton of their glitters and I can't wait to get them so I can play with them. Medusa's Makeup is more of an indie brand, which I do like about Lip Factory, they seem to feature quite a few smaller brands. I haven't tried this gloss yet, but this does smell like grapes and it is a pretty purple color with an iridescent sheen to it. Also just from looking at it, it does look quite pigmented.

Then there was another item by Medusa's Makeup and that is one of their lipsticks in Rio. This goes for $12. I love their packaging! It is edgy, but girly at the same time and it is so cool! This lipstick is amazing! I don't know why I ever bought Lime Crime lipsticks, when this one is not only cheaper, but it's just as pigmented and I like how this one smells better. This one smells like oranges.

The last item is a retractable lip brush. The card says this is valued at $3.88. I love this brush. I think it has a super cool design and it would be great to throw in your purse or for traveling! Plus I can always use more lip brushes, since I don't even think I owned one before this one.

All totaled my box has a value of $54.67. That's a great deal since I only paid $22 for the box. I think the first All About Lips box that I got last March was a bit better then this one, but I do prefer their all about lips months to their regular monthly boxes. I think they are way more fun! I really like all the products I got and I am so excited that I got to try out more Medusa's Makeup. I may or may not get Lip Factory next month, but I would still totally recommend them, since they are a pretty good sub. Especially if you are interested in getting more full size makeup over sample sizes.

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