Monday, November 25, 2013

Madison Street Beauty Review!!

Hey guys! So a couple weeks back I was aimlessly surfing through the Etsy makeup section and I saw that Madison Street Beauty was having a 60% off sale (which it looks like it is still going on!) They have thousands of good reviews, so I decided to buy a grab bag (because who can resist a surprise) and a nail polish.

This post is pretty much just a review on what I bought.

My nail polish came wrapped nice and secure in a little box.

The nail polish that I bought is Forest Nymph. It was only $2 for a mini bottle! I loved this polish. It is a beautiful brown with a green duochrome. It applied so so easily, however it chipped really badly! Like within a day of not really doing much besides shopping it was chipped so bad that I had to take it off. If your someone that changes their nail polish every day I'd really recommend checking them out, but if your like me and need your polish to last at least 3 days, I wouldn't recommend.

Now onto the grab bag! I got a 19 piece grab bag, which was like $9.50. They have other similar grab bags on their page, but I got the last one in their old style of eyeshadows I guess? Anyway as you can see there are a bunch of different colors!

The colors are: Cotton, Gold Leaf, Silver Star, Redcurrant, Fuchsia, Pink Tulip, French Lavender, Copper, Moroccan Bronze, Champagne, Nude Shimmer, Mossy Mauve, Chestnut, Azure, Golden Olive, Emerald, Carnation, Cherry Blossom, and Parisian Pink. As you can see the grab bag is definitely a good deal!

These are the browns. All are pretty simple, but the center one (Mossy Mauve) is a pretty brown with a green duochrome.

The fun nuetrals? Silver, white, and gold.

The blue and greens.

The purples.

The pinks.

As you can see this was a great assortment of colors! All of them had quite a bit of shimmer in them, so there was some fall out. As much as I like most of the colors in the containers, on they don't look the same. When I used Mossy Mauve the other day, you could not see the duochrome at all, which was really sad because I thought that one was the prettiest. They lasted okay, but they also weren't the most pigmented.

I guess for the price that I paid, I don't really regret them since some of them were more pigmented then others, but I probably wouldn't go out and buy a bunch. If you still want to try their shadows I'd recommend getting a grab bag!

So yeah, Madison Street Beauty wasn't my favorite Etsy store ever, but that's ok. You win some and you lose some right?

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