Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Favorite: Popcorn Balls!

So I guess Fall is officially here, and I have been totally obsessed with all things seasonal lately. I recently ordered a bunch of Bath and Body Work's Fall candles, and I recently bought Gabe a Trick or Treating basket. So while walking around Walmart today, I decided to check out their Halloween section, especially since I'm in need of decoration after finally moving into my own house. While there I discovered that they had some of my favorite Fall time treat...Popcorn Balls from The Popcorn Factory!!!

Image from The Popcorn Factory's website

Not only do I love popcorn balls, but The Popcorn Factory's popcorn is really one of the best! I was so excited to find this and they were only 50 cents each. If I hadn't needed to buy important things I would have bought a ton of them!

**While browsing The Popcorn Factory's website looking for a picture of the popcorn balls (since I already ate the one I bought) I discovered that they had caramel and chocolate dipped popcorn balls and I think the next time I get paid I'm so going to have to get me some!**

Image from The Popcorn Factory's website

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