Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poll: Is this too much on a toddler's outfit?

Today I was at Younkers and I saw the cutest outfit for Gabe, that he just had to have. After checking the price I found that not only was it on sale, but it was the last one in his size (which okay, am I the only one that somewhat freaks out when it is the last one in the size I need? I swear sometimes that alone gets me to buy things.)

So I bought it. David was with me and he totally freaked out, since my total with tax was like $29. He then proceeded to give me a lecture on how I could have bought three outfits for that price and why did I spend so much on it? It is a super nice Carter's overall set (which will be shown in an upcoming haul) that is going to be perfect for fall! It's super warm and versatile. And it came with a cute plaid shirt that again will be versatile for fall.

Just so everyone knows, I'm pretty sure this is the only piece of clothing I've ever bought Gabe from Younkers (since I normally don't really care for what they have) so it's not like this is a weekly thing. Plus it's not like we really super badly need money (in case some people were going to point that out, we are pretty financially stable.)

I see nothing wrong with getting Gabe something nice, but is it silly to spend $30 on one outfit? I don't think so, but apparently David does.

What do you think?

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