Saturday, September 7, 2013

Olfactif Box Review September 2013!!!!

My mom is quite the subscription box connoisseur, and while I was down in Texas for that month and a half I was gone, my mom was busily searching for new boxes that she could get. One of those boxes was Olfactif. 

Olfactif is $18 a month and you get 3 indie perfume samples (I think these are a little bit bigger, then the average perfume sample though.) The best part is that you get a coupon for $18 off a purchase of one of these perfumes. Even if I don't use the coupon, I still think this is a super cool box because I love perfume! (And in a place, where no one gives out perfume samples, this is a great box.)

After my mom told me all that, I just had to get this, so I signed up right away!

This is what the outer box looks like.

This is the actual box. It is so cool looking! It just pulls out by the little cloth tab, and looks very fancy. (:

This is the front of the card. It describes the theme for the month, which this month is landscapes.

This is a picture of the other side of the card. It says what the notes are in the perfumes.

The first one is Pleasant Promenade by S Poncet. This goes for $3.40 (non subscription price. I think these are about 2 ml.) This one is a very nice pleasant floral scent. It is more of a classic smelling scent, but not overpowering. I'm not a huge floral scent person, and I still love this one and I'd totally buy it! This is my favorite one out of the whole box, and it doesn't surprise me because it has pear in it, which is my number one fave scent!

The next one is Siam Proun by Olympic Orchids. This goes for $4.33 (non subscription price.) This is another floraly scent, but this one I'd say is heavier and more mature. It smells sort of like my grandmother's house. It's not a bad scent, I actually think it's good for fall, but it isn't something I'd repurchase. However I will use the rest of the vial since it isn't that bad. It has orange blossom, mint, and lavender so it's not really a surprise that I don't adore this, since none of those scents really appeal to me that much.

The last one is Tzora by Anat Fritz. This goes for $3 (non subscription price). This smells very floraly, but fresh at the same time. Even though this is a way stronger floral then I normally go for, I really adore it! I might ask for this for christmas, since at $150 a bottle, it is a bit pricey.

The total value of this box is $10.73. While that isn't a huge value, I don't think that is the point of the subscription. I think they really want you to try out the samples and then buy a full size, which is why you get a coupon when you order the box. I am totally fine with a coupon, because I know I'm going to be buying one of these. Plus what's really cool is that I've never heard of any of these before so it was fun to try new fragrances and it got me out of my comfort zone by making me try some floral scents! I'd say they fit pretty close to their theme too, everything was floral and I think it was all pretty natural smelling too.

They do have a couple of bad things, which are both very minor compared to all the awesomeness that is Olfactif. The first one is that some of the perfumes are a bit pricey, even with the coupon, but at least this month they had a pretty good range from affordable to expensive. The second thing really has nothing to do with Olfactif, since they don't control how the perfume makers design their bottles, but none of the bottles are pretty. They are all basic and plain. I really like pretty bottles, because they are more fun to display, but oh well. The perfume is more important.

Overall I love Olfactif, and I can't wait for next month! I would 100% recommend them!

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