Monday, January 13, 2014

Goodebox Review January 2014!!

Today I have a review of my January Goodebox.

Goodebox is $18 a month, and they send out eco friendly products every month! Goodebox used to be $16 a month, but this month started the price increase because they are trying to make the boxes bigger and better.

Their boxes.

Their information cards. They send everyone the same card, and then check off the items that are in your box. I like their cards, since they really talk about the products on it.

The first item is actually a Skin RawCeuticals 7-14 day Skin Care Regime. I'm going to say this goes for about $12? I really love this and I'm thrilled that it actually will be useful for my skin type (I got one with a lot of moisturizing/redness reducing products)! I think this was a really cool thing for a box to do, to give out a whole set, and I can't wait to try all these products and see how they work together!

Then there is a Revolution Organics Freedon Gloss in Innocent. This is full sized and goes for $26. I love this color! It is a super pretty natural pink color with tons of sparkle! It is totally a color that I would have picked out for myself. Plus this is 85% organic and 100% natural! While I'd probably never buy one since it's super pricey, I like being able to try new brands!

All totaled my Goodebox has a value of $38. That's great since the box was only $18! I think Goodebox started out with a great new box for their price increase,  since both brands were new to me and I don't think that I've ever gotten a whole skin care sampler from any box before. I hope their boxes continue to be this awesome and I can't wait for next month!

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