Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag Review January 2014!!

Hey guys so I got my Ipsy bag in the other day and I'm so excited to show you guys what I got!

Ipsy is only $10 a month and they usually send out a lot of full and deluxe sized makeup products, but this month they went a different route and gave out more skin and hair care products, which was totally okay with me, since I have so much make up!

This is the information card (with this month's bag behind it.) I think the bag is cute this month! It would be good for putting mini skin care samples in it for traveling. The theme this month is 19 reasons.

The first item is a Mica Beauty Lip Balm Pot in Fiesta. This goes for $14.95. I was hoping to get this item in this color! However I've heard people say that this is totally drying, which sucks, since in winter I need all the moisturization I can get.

Another item that I am really excited about is the Briogeo Don't Despair Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask. This goes for $4.95. I really like how this smells. It doesn't smell like a generic hair care product at all. This has rosehip, argan, and avocado oils in it, so it should be really moisturizing. I love hair masks and this was another product that I really wanted to get!

The next items are 4 Proactive Mark Fading Pads. These go for $15.96. This is the only item in my bag (and actually it was like the only item in all the spoilers I'd seen) that I did not want. I don't have acne or marks on my face and I much prefer all natural products anyway. Meh I'll probably just give these away to my mom or someone.

Then I received a Nourish Organic Face Lotion. This goes for $6.47. This has argan oil, rosewater, and shea butter in it and I am super excited to try this! I use moisturizer every day, so I'm always excited to get more! (Lucky for me I think I've gotten one in almost every box so far this month.)

The last item is an Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil in Pearl. This is half sized and goes for $7.50. The alternate to this was a Yaby foundation sample, which I wish I would have gotten a bit more, since I loved the Yaby concealer I got a few months ago. However this is a nice nudey pink color that will be really nice as an eyeshadow base!

All totaled my January Ipsy is worth $49.83. That's great since I only paid $10 for the box! Not only that, but with the the exception of the Proactive, I'm really excited to try and use all the products! I wish Ipsy would send out more bags like this one. I mean getting makeup every month is great, but I've been getting a bit bored with all the repeated brands and similar items in colors that aren't really that nice/wearable.

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