Friday, December 13, 2013

Box of Happies Box Review December 2013!!

Hi guys! Today I have a review on the December Box of Happies! Each Box of Happies contains 3-5 handmade items and costs $28.99 ($24 for the box plus $4.99 shipping.) I really like supporting small business's so I was super excited to sign up for this box! (I've been subscribed since they launched in October, but this was the first box I'm reviewing since I've been lazy the past couple months.)

I don't really consider Box of Happies to be a subscription box, because what you do is buy monthly boxes. So I can buy January's and March's box, but I won't be charged for February because I didn't actually buy it (if that makes sense?) Also they still have some left over October and November boxes for $21 plus shipping. (I'd totally recommend the November box btw, it was awesome!)

Box of Happies ships via Priority 2 day mail and it always comes super quick and right at the beginning of the month!

Their "boxes" are actually clear pencil cases and it also comes with a card (pictured below) that tells you how you can reuse the pencil cases. I've been using them to store various makeup items (like eyeliner, lip liner, ect), but I love that they give you a list of ideas!

This is their info card (along with the what to do with the plastic box card), it lists the artists, their websites, and the prices of the items included. Also all of the artists also included business cards, which I like. There is also a coupon for Flip Sidez (which this is the second coupon I got from them, not pictured) and I think I'm going to be using it because it's all my little sister can talk about!

The first item is a Itty Bitty Fabric Bowl from Pieceful Design. This goes for $4. I really did not like this when I opened my box. It looks like it was made from an old stained vintage washcloth. Reusing vintage materials is 100% fine by me, but I hate it when things are stained! And this really looks like it is. I do like some of the small bowls on her Etsy store (like the one I linked to), I think they'd be great ring holders, but I'm not sure if I'll actually buy one because of how this one looks. (This second link is the one I think I got, and I guess it looks this way because of how it was dyed? I'm still not a big fan sadly.)

The next item is a Button Bracelet by Basketful of Trinkets. This goes for $1.50. This came in an adorable little envelope with a cute little business card! I love nice little touches like that.

Sorry about this picture, I have no idea what happened to it, I tried to upload it a few times and it kept coming up like this.*

The cord of the bracelet has some nice gold glitters in it, so it's not just all neutral! I wear things like this all the time because I like how they look layered, so this will totally be getting used!

Then I got a pair of spikey earrings from Box of Happies. These go for $8. I think they've done a Box of Happies exclusive item since their first box, but I'm not sure. These are a bit smaller then earrings that I normally choose, but I do like them and I will totally wear them!

The next items are from Pop Jewelry Studio. They are a pair of earrings and a pair of bobby pins. The earrings go for $8 and the bobby pins go for $6. I love the earrings! I think they are really pretty and sparkly. The bobby pins are nice (and are really sturdy, I don't think these will become loose at all) and will be used, but I'm just not a big fan of yellow sadly.

The last item is a headband from Fl(h)air. This goes for $11.50. I really love headbands like this one! I use them mostly for when I'm applying makeup/washing my face, but this one is cute enough that I could probably wear it out! Also I love how soft this is!

All totaled my box is worth $31. That's good since I paid $28.99 for the box, but I just wasn't super wowed by the products (except the headband, I love that!) I'll probably use everything, but for me sometimes use isn't as good as getting products that I love. I'll probably still get a box in January, since I really loved the first two I got, and I realize that every so often a bad box does happen. And I think this month, the reason I wasn't too wowed by anything, is because this box just had too much of a teen feel to it. Like I think had I been 14 instead of almost 19, I'd have loved this box.

I would totally recommend Box of Happies to anyone! If you don't want to wait until January to get one I'd recommend buying a November box. That one was awesome! (:

*I got a new camera recently, and not only do I feel like my pictures don't look as nice as they used to, it's been very glitchy and keeps cutting things in half, like in the picture above. Sorry, I'm trying to figure out how to use it!

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