Thursday, December 12, 2013

Glitter Guilty Box Review November 2013!!

Hi guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing my Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box! I was a subscriber over the summer (I think I got one box in June or July) and since I've recently been getting back into indie polish, I decided to get this box again!

Glitter Guilty's box is $15.99 a month, including shipping, and comes with a mini that everyone gets, a full size polish that is customized to you, and a little edible treat!

She ships everything in a white box with a hot pink sticker on it.

The cards telling you what the polishes are, are attached to the polishes. There is a little Thank You card though. (:

The Monthly Mini this month, is Pinecones and Holly Berries. This one is a super sparkly fucshia, red, and gold tone glitter polish.

Even though this one isn't super "Christmasey" I still think it's a great polish for this time of year and I could totally picture someone rocking this on New Year's Eve.

The Monthly Me came in a velvet pouch and is in the shade: Snowed In. I love this color! I said I really liked blue and this one is so perfect. It's blue with blue and silver tone glitter. And snowflake shaped glitter! How awesome is that?

This is a close up of the snowflake shaped glitter. We have snow here right now, and you know how sometimes snow just looks so shimmery and iridescent? Well that's how this polish looks. It is perfect and probably my favorite nail polish ever!

The edible treat this month is Sweet Poppins Blueberry Cheesecake popcorn. I usually don't really get into the flavored popcorn, besides caramel corn, but this sounds interesting so I'm going to try it for sure!

I'm not going to do a cost breakdown since she doesn't have any minis listed on her website, but I really think that this box is worth it! I think it's great that she actually looks at the quiz you fill out and gives you a polish that you will really like! I would totally recommend Glitter Guilty to anyone interested in trying out indie polish! Her polishes are great and the couple times I've emailed her she's responded super quick and was nice.

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