Monday, December 30, 2013

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review December 2013!!

Hey guys! Today I have a review of my Vegan Cut's Beauty box! I was so excited to get this box this month, since last month's was amazing!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is $19.99 a month and they will send you 4-7 items and all of them will be cruelty free!

They ship in plain brown boxes.

This is their information cards.

The first thing I got is a little coin purse from Lavishy. A similar one goes for $11.99. While cute, it seems a bit young for me, so I'll probably end up giving this to my younger sister.

The next item is two LA Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipes. These go for $1. I've tried other LA Fresh wipes before and they're pretty nice. I know for sure I'll use them and if I can find them at TJ Maxx, which I have before, I might pick up a box.

Then there is a Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Lip Conditioner in Wintermint. This is full sized and goes for $5. I like lip balm and I always have one with me. I'll totally throw this in my purse right away!

The next item is a Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Champagne. I'm estimating this to be about $2.50. This is a pretty pinkish brown shade and I can see myself wearing it often, since it really is a nice neutral shade. I love mineral makeup, and even though I've tried this brand before, I was excited to see this!

Then I received a Soap Box Black Soap Body and Soul Wash.  This goes for .28. I love trying out new soaps, and since this is a gel instead of a bar, it's even better in my book! It has shea butter and jojoba oil in it, so hopefully it will be nice and moisturizing. Plus the full size of this is cheap, so this is just a giant win!

Two sample packets from Everyday Minerals. One is a Finishing Dust and the other is a Blush in All Smiles. These go for $.50?  I order a lot of stuff from indie makeup brands and a lot of times their samples come in baggies. I'll just put them in some small makeup jars and they'll be good to use! I'm really interested to try these! I use finishing powder everyday, so I hope this one sets my makeup just as good as my other one does. Also the blush is a nice neutral color, so I'm hoping to like that too! I might actually make an order from Everyday Minerals!

The last item is the Color Club Harlem Lights Nail Polish Mini Set. This goes for $12. I love these colors! They are so pretty and the glitters in this set are absolutely stunning! The colors are Sugar Rays which is a nice rose gold duochrome, Apollo Star which is a nice glittery tannish color, Lady Holiday which is a blue gray color, and Savoy Nights which is a blue and silver glittery color.

All totaled my box is worth $33.27. That is a pretty good value since I only paid $20 for the box, but I don't love the items like I did last month. I'm not too sure why, since most of the brands are new to me and I'll use everything, I guess it just doesn't have that exciting factor that the last one had. Oh well, Vegan Cuts is still one of my favorites and I'm looking forward to next month!

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