Saturday, December 14, 2013

Olfactif Box Review December 2013!!

Hi guys! Today I have a review of Olfactif! I've gotten Olfactif a couple times before and I really liked them. So when I saw that they were offering free boxes as their Black Friday deal, I had to sign up again!

Olfactif is a really cool box. For $18 a month they give 3 perfume samples, they are a little bigger then just the normal perfume sample (they last me about 3ish weeks each). The best part is though is that if you really love a sample, they give you a code for $18 off the full size of that perfume!

This is what their shipping boxes look like. They ship from Chicago and since I live in Iowa I usually get my boxes super quick.

Their actual boxes are super cool looking! They pull out on a little tab and reveal your perfume!

This is their information cards. On one side it lists the theme of the month (this month it's Evening) and on the other side it lists the perfumes and the notes that are in the perfumes. I love the write ups! They definitely have a really good writer on their staff, it's like poetry!

The first perfume is Night by Sarabecca. This smells very nice and light and fresh. Almost like grass and lemon. I like this one, but it's not my favorite perfume ever. It also doesn't go to well with their evening theme, but it's a nice scent and I'll wear it.

The next one is Au Lait by DSH Perfumes. This one smells like coconut milk. I love this one! I'm actually planning on buying the full size of this one. This one is just super unique and I adore it!

The last one is Black Angel by Mark Buxton. This is actually the only one I tried on and it is my least favorite this month. When I first sprayed it on, it smelled like a men's cologne. Then it went into like a spicy Asian inspired scent. Now it's just a musky floral scent. I like that it changed so much, I like it when perfumes have layers, but I just don't care much for the scents in it.

Overall I don't think Olfactif is the type of box that you get to get a great deal. I think it's more about the experience of getting to try niche perfumes that you won't just find at your local department store. Plus all the stuff I've ever gotten from Olfactif has been super strong, so one little squirt goes a long way. I would totally recommend Olfactif if your into trying out new perfumes and aren't super sensitive or picky about scents!

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