Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ipsy Review December 2013!!

Every month I look forward to getting my Ipsy in the mail and this month I think I got it the earliest I ever have!

Ipsy is only $10 a month and they send out a lot (actually mostly) full size make up items. Sometimes they include something like a mini hair treatment, a brush, or perfume, but Ipsy is really mostly makeup and usually it's all full size stuff too (not every month, but most months.)

This is their info cards. It just tells the theme of the month (this month it is Celebration) and a list of all the brands featured with the discounts.

This is this month's bag. I love it this month! It is like a black faux leather quilted bag. It is totally one of my favorite glam bags, ever!

The first item I got is a Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Sunset. This goes for $16. This is a super pretty sparkly coral color. This can be used as a blush, lip stick, or eyeshadow. I'm a bit sick of Be a Bombshell. I mean their products are okay, but I get so much of their products since every sub seems to send them out, that I just want to try something new.

The color is super pretty though! So I'm sure I'll use this, especially since I'm pretty sure I don't have any other coral colored products.

The next item is a Pop Beauty Bright up your Life eye shadow trio in Naturally Bare. This goes for about $7.20. I'm happy I got this over the smoky one, since I'll actually use it. The shadows seem to be nicely pigmented and I like that they aren't completely matte. This would be a great palette to just throw in your makeup bag!

Then I got a J Cat The Big Lip Pencil in Red Rose. This goes for $3.99. This is another product I was hoping to get! I love lip pencils! And even though it's red, it's okay since it will be nice for the holiday season (and surprisingly I don't get many red lip products in boxes.)

The next item is a pair of Ardell lashes in 120 Demi. These go for $3.99. I use fake lashes occasionally, so I will probably use them at some point, but out of all the possible products I could get these were what I wanted least.

The last item is a Nicka K nail polish in Classic Taupe. This goes for $4.99. It's a nice neutral shade and I like every other Nicka K product, so I will totally use this. I just wish I could have gotten one of the other polishes this month, since those are much more my style.

All totalled my box is worth $36.17. That's great since I did only pay $10 for everything, but there's nothing I'm super excited about. I got a couple of variations I wanted, but mostly I had a bad case of bag envy. I think I got the boring bag this month, but I can't always get the best bag and I think usually I get the bag that I want so overall I'm happy and I still think Ipsy is one of my favorite subs! (:

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