Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ophelia's Apothecary Review November 2013!!

Hey guys! I know that just from the title a lot of people probably think that this post is super overdue, but it's actually not. I actually didn't get in my November Ophelia's Apothecary box until last week, since she was running super late.

Ophelia's Apothecary's box is $15 a month, and comes with a few bath and beauty products from her store.  Most months there is also an item from one of her friends's Etsy store as well (that is usually a non beauty related product). Ophelia's Apothecary is an indie bath and body brand (:

She ships in a white bubble mailer, and then the actual "box" is always some type of cute printed bag.

This is her information card. They are always super in depth and are really nice to read! Also this month there was a coupon for a free perfume, but since I just got my box last week (and the coupon expired on 12-13) I ended up not being able to use it.

The first thing I got are a pair of eye gels. According to the information card these do wonders for headaches, and since I tend to get a lot of headaches, I'm totally going to be using these!

The next item is a sugar scoop scrub. A couple weeks ago on her Facebook page she was selling these, but they looked like coal and I totally wanted some! However the none coal one is nice too (I got one of these in a box a couple months ago) and it smells nice and fruity. These are really nice scrubs too and I think they do a good job getting rid of dry skin.

The next item is a shea butter soap in eggnog. How cute is this? It's shaped like a snowman! I love eggnog too, so I was excited to get this scent, however I think this smells more like a latte mixed with soap. It still smells good, just not like egg not. Since it has shea butter in it, I'm hoping that it won't freak out my dry winter skin!

The last item is a brooch from Auracauna Designs. This goes for $12. This isn't really my style, it's a bit more shabby chic then the vintage boho style I tend to go for. However I think I'll try pinning it to a cardigan and see how that looks before I write it off completely.

Overall I wasn't too thrilled with my box this (last) month. I guess value wise it was ok, but it just wasn't anything super special. I think after December I may take a break from Ophelia's. Over the past few months I've only loved a couple of them, and now that I know about some other indie subs, I don't think I'll feel bad leaving this one for one of those. If you want to try out some of Ophelia's products, I think it might just be better to "Like" her on Facebook, since she does post some really good deals on there!

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