Monday, December 30, 2013

Lip Factory Review December 2013!!!

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing my December Lip Factory Box!

Lip Factory is $22 a month and they send out all full sized makeup with an emphasis on the lips, so you usually get 2 lip products a month. Then in March and November they have an All About Lips month were they send out all lip products!

They ship a box in a box, with a brown shipping box and a smaller black box with their logo on it.

This is their information cards. They are nice and big and I really like them!

The first item is a PureCeuticals Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanse. This is just a little foil packet and I'm going to say it goes for $1. I'm pretty meh about this, mostly because of how small the packet is. Lip Factory used to give out little packets as extra, but I guess this was legit part of the box this month.  I'm not trying to be greedy or anything, it's just different then what they used to do.

Then I received a J Cat Fab Five Eyeshadow palette in Mighty Hazel. This goes for $4.99. I have been fairly impressed with all the other J Cat items I've tried before, but I'm still not sure if I can justify using this or not. It's so neutral and I already have other similar palettes open in similar colors. They have so many colorful ones, I wish I had gotten one of those instead.

The next item is an Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara. This goes for $2.99. I love clear brow gel and I use it every day, plus this one is way cheaper then the one I normally use, so hopefully this one is just as good!

Then there is a Micheal Marcus Plump Lip Plumper. This goes for $20. I already put this in the giveaway pile. For one it smells awfully strong! Like icy hot almost, not something I'd want on my lips. For another I don't use lip plumpers. I will if they are already included in a gloss or lip stick, but I can never tell much difference with them and I don't think it's another step I really want to take.

The next item is a NCLA Nail Polish in Prized Possessions. This goes for $16. I love NCLA nail polish! They are 5 free and they have beautiful polish colors and easy to use nail wraps! This color is part of their newish Black Market Collection and after looking at swatches of the other colors I think I need them all! They are all sparkly and super pretty. This one has a dark purple/ almost black looking base with blue, purple, and green glitter in it. I love it!

The last item is a MeMeMe Boho Balm Lip & Cheek Tint in Pink Rouge. This goes for $10.70. First off look at how beautiful that packaging is! I love it, so vintage! Plus I love that this came in a tin, I'd totally feel safe keeping this in a travel bag since it seems super sturdy. One side is a nice bright pink and the other is more of a coraly color. I really like both of these colors and I can see myself reaching for them often. Also this smells super good! I just adore this product and it's probably my favorite in the box!

All totaled my box is worth $55.68. Even though that's over the cost of my box, I only really love 2 out of the 6 items (and I'll for sure use 4/6), but I tend to cancel/keep a sub based on how much I love the products, not based on whether I'll use them or not (because I'll pretty much try/use anything.) I've been pretty meh about Lip Factory since I subbed, and I kept waiting for them to wow me, but I think as of right now I'm going to cancel and not resub.

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