Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Julep Maven Box Review July 2013!!

I actually got my Julep box in a couple days before July, but I just got to writing about it now!

This was actually my first Maven box after my intro box and I am super happy! Julep Maven boxes are $19.99 plus any additional add ons you get (which are optional. I opted for an add on this month, so my total was $24.99 this month.

First can I just say my favorite part of Julep? Their shipping! It is so fast. They sent it one day from Washington and I got it in Iowa the next day! Now that is great!

This is what the outside of the boxes look like. Simple and chic.

First side. (Also the front of the card, which shows what I got in my box.)

This is the back of the card (which pretty much just tells me what I got). The little square has a poem on it.

I love that they take the time to wrap the polishes! It gives me a little piece of mind to know I'm not going to open my box one day to find it all coated in polish. (in the white bag is my actual box polishes and then the little bubble wrapped one is my add on)

This was the little extra they sent this month: Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers. These come with 40 sheets and I'm estimating these at $3 since I couldn't find them anywhere. I did try one and while they smelt nice I'd really only ever use these on my nose, otherwise I have super dry skin. I'm going to be giving these to my mom who I know will love them!

Now onto the polishes! I choose the It Girl box this month since I really didn't like the beauty products they were giving away this month (a dry oil and a salt spray for hair).

Polishes from L to R: Angela, Nadia, and Tracy.

A pic of the bottoms.

This is Angela. This goes for $11.20 Maven price or $14 regular price. I know there is a bunch of glare in the pic, but that is pretty much how Angela really looks. It is a really pretty teal color that I know I don't have anything similar to!

This is Nadia. This goes for $11.20 Maven price or $14 regular price. Nadia is a pretty shimmery light yellow. I don't believe I own shimmery yellows, so that's nice. Plus this is a super pretty color (that looks comparable to a Zoya color that my sister has. Piaf? I think it's called). I'm not really a fan of yellow polishes, but I will so try it!

This is Tracy. This goes for $11.20 Maven price or $14 regular price. This was the whole reason I got the It Girl box and didn't skip! It's one of Julep's Sea Salt finishes and it is such a pretty periwinkle color. I adore the Zoya pixie dusts and this is quite a bit like that. I couldn't resist trying it first thing!

Then my add on: Fireworks. (It is on sale for $9.99.) They've been doing a lot of free Firworks promos (probably since it's so close to July 4th), but I figured it out and $4.99 was cheaper in the long run since I would have had to spend more to get it for free.

It is a glittery top coat (my favorite!) with silver, red, and blue glitter. I'm waiting until Wednesday to use this, that way my mani is fresh for the 4th, but I already know that I'm going to love it and I'm trying to think of other days to wear it besides patriotic holidays!

All totaled my box is valued at $54.99 (regular price) or $46.59 (maven price). Either way you slice it, Julep is totally worth it. Especially since I love their polish! Also all my colors are so pretty and I can't wait to try them all!

What do you guys think of Julep?

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