Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beauty Army Unboxing July 2013!!

I got my Beauty Army in today. Beauty Army is one of my favorite subs because I feel like for only $12 I always get my moneys worth. Plus I like that I'm able to choose my own samples.

This is how the outside of the shipping boxes look.

I got a pink box this month. I almost hate the pink boxes because they photograph so bad.

First look.Totally not impressive.

This is the info card. It just gives you some summer beauty tips!

The first item is a gift card for iTrain. This is valued at $25.  I've seen these in various boxes and I've really wanted to try them, so I was excited to get it in my selection window. You can do these using your laptop, which is awesome since my fiance is always using the TV for his Xbox.

Then I got a Pida Exfoliating Gel. This goes for $1.63. I just picked this because I needed another sample to make six and I know I'm going to use this. I'm going to put this into my little jar that I got last month, so that way it's easier to use.

Then I got a Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil. This goes for $3.75? This is actually one of the reason's why I got a box this month. I'm willing to try anything that will prevent razor burn, and this says it helps that. Plus it smells super good, very citrusy. And the sample is a good size.

Then I got some Colorsmash Hair Shadow in hot pink. This goes for $10.28. I used to have full on pink hair, so I couldn't resist getting the hot pink hair chalk. Plus I've really wanted to try it. Also when I googled this product, it seems like the sample size is super close to the size of the full size. Score!

Then I got a Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment. This goes for $3.99. In all honesty I got this because I want to see how it smells, since I tend to really like how the Yes to products smell. However I can always use some help in my eye area so this will totally get used!

The last item I got is an Addiction NV Gel Eyeliner in Little Betty. This goes for $16. I love this stuff! It is the best gel liner ever. It is creamy and pigmented and it goes on smooth and easy. Sadly this brand went out of business (well for right now, they are just going under a redesign), without me really realizing it or I would have bought all of their gel liners.

All totaled my box is worth $60.65! That is truly amazing since I only paid $12 for my box. I love everything I got and I will be using everything. My favorite thing about Beauty Army is that they always introduce me to new brands (pretty much everything in this box is new except the Yes To item and the Addiction NV, but they were new to me last month.) That's why I get sub boxes is to learn about new brands and I feel like BA does the best job of that. (:

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