Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Total Beauty Collection: Face Forward Collection Review 2013!!

The Total Beauty Collection is technically a sub box since you just buy one off boxes, but I thought that it was pretty cool and I wanted to show you guys anyway.

Total Beauty Collection always seems to have some type of collection I want, but this was actually the first one I ordered. I got the Face Forward collection and the total was only $12 with a coupon.

This is what their boxes look like. I totally love the look of them!

 First look.

This is the back of the information card .It lists the items that you received and whether they were full sized or not. 

I'm going to start with the bonuses since they kinda sucked. I got a bunch of the E Boost packets which I won't be using because I don't like using stuff like this. My fiance tried it though and said it tasted horrible.

I also got a $50 gift card to naked wines, which I also won't be using since I'm not old enough to drink (I'm 18.)

Now onto the good stuff and the real reason why I got this box!

The first item is a Chella Brow Defining Gel. I'm estimating this to be half sized and it goes for $9.  My new obsession is eyebrow gel, so I can't wait to try this after I run out of my Anastasia sample. Plus I got a Chella item in Ipsy last month and liked that, so I have high hopes for this!

Then one of the reasons why I got this collection is for the Pacifica Alight  Multi Mineral BB Cream. This goes for about $5.30. I love Pacifica products and even though I'm on BB Cream overload I've really wanted to try this one. It seems like the perfect shade too!

The last samples I got are 2 Ferro Blush X3 samples. One is a bronzey color and is the shade Terra Cotta. The other is a light pink and is in the shade Suzie's Glow. I'm just going to guess that these are worth about $6 for both of them. The colors are pretty and I've really wanted to try a mineral blush, but I can already tell that these are going to be a big mess. There is no sifter and it seems like when I tried to open it, it just got everywhere!

Now onto the full sized products!

The first one is a NYX Roll on Shimmer in Blue.  This goes for $4. This can be used on eyes, face or the body. I'm so happy I got the blue one versus the silver or pink it seems like everyone gets. I can't believe I never saw this before, I love roll ons and probably would have bought this had I seen it in store.

Then the ultimate reason I got this box is for the full size Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Coconut Nectar. This goes for $7. This smells amazing! Exactly like coconut! I'm really happy I got this one because out of all the colors this is definatly the one I would not have picked out for myself since it looks like it would be quite bronzey. In reality, it just gives a really pretty slight shimmer to the lips! Plus it is very moisturizing! I'm actually surprised with how nice and moisturized my lips feel. I might have to get more.

Overall (not including the bonuses) my box has a value of $31.30. That's great since I only paid $12 for the box. I adore everything I got and I'll use everything (except the bonuses). Plus for once it seems like the colors were a great match! If I could find another coupon code I'd consider getting a different one, since I'm totally blown away by this one.

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