Sunday, July 7, 2013

Square Hue July 2013 Review!!

I was pretty excited to give Square Hue a second chance after the first box I got from them was pretty disappointing, especially since they were $14.99!

Square Hue is a monthly subscription service that sends you 3 nail polishes a month for $21 (or you can get your first month for $14.99). The colors are all exclusive to that month's box and are all centered around a theme.

This is what the box looks like, just plain white.

First look!

Then this is the information card. The them this month is The Salute Collection.

This is what the outside of the bottles look like. I really like the bottles and I think they are cute to display!

This is the colors: Valor, Honor, and Patriot.

Side views of all the colors.

Valor is an olive green color that is totally unique to my collection. I'll admit I probably never would have bought this by myself, but with some type of gold accent or glitter I'm sure I'll make it work.

Honor is my favorite color in the collection! It is a pretty gold color that I think will look great as stripes over Valor. I do have a couple other golds, but this one is more lighter in color then my other ones.

Patriot is a beautiful bright blue! I love this color and it is totally unique in my collection of blues! I do feel like the blue is a bit out of place since it doesn't seem to flow with the rest of the collection. Especially since with my other Square Hue box I got, and from reviews I've seen of their other collections, it always seems like the colors all go with each other and that you could do one mani with all three colors. I'm not sure that I'd ever use Valor and Patriot together.

 I can't really do a value since these are all exclusive to Square Hue and they don't sell their individual polishes. However I did feel like it was worth the $14.99 to me. I loved the colors and that they are all unique to my collection (well the gold isn't super unique, but I love gold polish so that's ok!) Plus I know from April that the formulas will probably be good (since the only one I had a problem with was the yellow.) If I could keep the $14.99 deal I'd probably continue with Square Hue, but since next month would go up to the normal price I just don't feel like it is worth $21.

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