Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sample Society Unboxing July 2013!!

Today was a busy mail day* and in that rush I got in my Sample Society box! I love that SS ships UPS because I know I'll always get my box on Thursday. They were a bit late shipping out this month, but that's fine by me since usually they are pretty reliable.

I got Kit I this month.

This is what their boxes look like. Nice, sleek, and sturdy.

They always send a mini mag filled with tips from Allure. SS partners with Allure and your supposed to get a year sub to them when you sign up. However I've never received one.

This is their information card. It also tells you the code for $15 off a $50 purchase. As long as you buy one of the featured brands.

 The first thing I got is Tres Pure Face Tonic. This goes for $5. I'm super excited to try this! I love pretty much anything that I can spray on my face and this sounds super great! Plus I'm pretty sure it came in a glass bottle. Fancy right?

Then I got an Ecru New York Luxe Treatment Shampoo. This goes for $8. I've tried an Ecru New York hair oil and while I wasn't the biggest fan of it, I'll gladly try the shampoo! It smells almost like Garnier Fructis, and if it works that good I'll be thrilled! Plus this is a great sample size!

Then I got a Jane Iredale Tantasia and a Supergoop Eye cream. These are empty. Beauty Bar is sending me a replacement box, which I'm ok with since I wanted to try the Tantasia (yes I like tanning products). The supergoop is fine, and with the eye cream I really do think I'll have tried all their products. (Since I'm getting replacements, I'll put the price, but I'm not adding it into the value yet. Tanning gel: $2. Supergoop! $6)

 The last item I got is a Lord and Berry Eyeliner in Black. This is a full size and goes for $15. I know a ton of people don't like getting black eyeliner, but I really like it. I use it every single day, so I'm always up for trying new brands. I wonder if they are cruelty free? Does anyone know? I'm trying to find a good cruelty free eye liner (my HG one is Avon, totally not cruelty free) and I don't like the Urban Decay ones. Anyway this one seems good, so I can't wait to try it! On a side note I wish everyone would have gotten a fun makeup product! My mom got a lipstick and an eyeshadow trio (which she traded me the trio since I gave her a pair of earring a couple weeks ago) and other people got a funky polish. All the total opposites of a boring eyeliner.

My total value is $28. That's a great deal since I didn't count the empty items. I like the sizes this month a lot and I do like/will use everything. I do like SS, but sometimes I do feel they are a bit boring. I guess what keeps me coming back is the high end items, which I do like trying since I'd never spend $65 on a face spray. Would I recommend? Yes. On top of the high end items, their CS is top notch.

*I had a new mail man today and I think he was a bit confused. He came to my house 3 times today. Once to drop off my regular mail (like bills and such), then he came back a few minutes later to deliver one package, and then he came back like a half hour later in his truck to deliver my other package. It was kinda funny. (:

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  1. Tarte cosmetics is cruelty free, I haven't tried there liners but I love the shadows.