Monday, July 1, 2013

From the Lab July 2013 Unboxing!

Today I got my first From the Lab box and I wanted to show it to you guys!

From the Lab is a new subscription service that sends you between 1 and 3 full size items from skincare or makeup. They are not released yet items and so you don't know what the brand or cost is of the items. They are offering subscriptions for $25 including shipping, but soon the price will raise to $30 with shipping.

This is what the outside of the box looks like.

First look

Info card! These are super in depth. They tell you all the ingredients, what makes it special, and how to use it!

The first item is the Eye Cream No. 579. I love eye cream! I use it everyday because it really helps my undereyes look awake and just better. This one doesn't have much of a scent and is a pretty normal eye cream consistency.

The other item I got is a 24 Hour Face Cream No 578. This has a light floral scent and is super creamy! I used it on my super dry patches and it definatly has already made my face look just a bit better! I think with continued use this would definatly help a lot and since it is a full size I should be able to use it for awhile!\

As you can see both of these were filled to the brim! The eye cream is on the left and the moisturizer is on the right.

I can't do an estimated value because I'm not sure of what the brands and future pricing will be, but I definatly think that these are worth at least the $25 I paid. I love the moisturizer already and I can always use more eyecream! I just hope that they do end up telling you who the brands are when the products are actually released that way if you really love something you can buy it! (From the Lab does sell the sets at the end of the month if you did love what you got!) If I wasn't moving I could totally see myself getting this sub every month, since I do really like it and I would totally recommend them!

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