Monday, July 1, 2013

Bluum Box June 2013 Unboxing! Look Who's Talking

My Bluum box finally decided to appear today and I was so excited! I think I was more excited then Gabriel was.

What Bluum is, is it's a monthly subscription service for babies and toddlers up to 24 months old. I had used a coupon code so it only cost me $12.50, but a normal monthly subscription is about $25.00.

The boxes are big and red. Plus my box was heavy!

First look.

The "information card". This didn't have any information on the products, you have to go to your Bluum account for that, just a little note from the founder. The box theme we got was Look Who's Talking and that is for an 11 month old.

Now onto the fun stuff!

The first item I got is a My First Puppet from the Puppet Company. We got the cow one which goes for $8.00. I think this is adorable! G (short for Gabriel), has a few other puppets and loves them, so I know this one will be played with right away! Plus it was super soft!

Then we got a 20 pack of Dapple Toy and Surface Wipes and a coupon for .50 off a full size purchase. The wipes go for $3.49. I love these! I will probably put these in my purse and use these for the swings at the park or shopping carts, since for some reason I really freak out about germs on those two items specifically.  Sadly no stores near me sell them, so the coupon is pretty much pointless, but I can't wait to use these!

Then we got a pair of Kidz Banz sunglasses and these go for $14.99. These are adjustable and pretty easy to put on, now getting them to stay on is the challenge! G kept pulling these off, hence why I don't have a picture of him wearing them. I'll try to give these to him for a 4th of July picnic we are going to and hopefully they'll stay on!

Then there is a pouch of Ella's Kitchen The Yellow One. This goes for $1.69. This has apples, apricots, mango, and banana in it. I know G loves all of those so I'm sure he'll love this!

Then there is a Little Learners Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star book. This goes for $9.53. This book is super cute! It plays music and lights up, two of Gs favorite things! I'm going to read this to him for bedtime tonight!

Then to go with the Little Learner's book, there is a Brochure for Parragon Books. It also tells you how to read to your child and things like that. I'm actually interested in a couple of the books that they show, so I might have to look into purchasing some!

Then one of the Mom extras is a Brian Rules for Baby by John Medina. This goes for $15. This is about "how to raise a smart and happy child from 0 to 5."  I love reading parenting books (I just think they are entertaining), so I can't wait to read this!

The last item is also a mom extra and it is a Shea Terra Rose Hips Rose-plenishing Face Cream. This is FULL SIZE (!!) and goes for $26. I can't believe I got a full size Shea Terra item! I am super thrilled by this, especially since it is a moisturizer and I can always use moisturizer! Plus it smells good! I actually got a Shea Terra mask in Beauty Box 5 this month, and I love that so things are looking good for me liking this too!

***Oops, I didn't take a picture of everything together. Sorry.***

My Bluum box is valued at $78.70. That is awesome since I paid less then $13 for the whole box! I cannot believe I got a full size Shea Terra and I also got a ton of great fun things for G! I was really impressed with Bluum and I can totally see myself cancelling a couple of my subs to continue to get this for G. I would 100% recommend Bluum!

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