Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birchbox Man Unboxing July 2013!! Suits Edition!

Since my fiancé (or D) was feeling a bit left out since he hasn't been getting any boxes, I decided to sign him up for Birchbox Man. Just in time too, since this was a collab box with Suits! (Not that me or D watches it, but still I always feel like collab boxes should be the best!)

Birchbox man is $20 a month and pretty much the same as Birchbox women, only $10 more.

This is what the outside of the box looked like.

Inside. I'm so jealous that the guys have pull out boxes! I'm so stealing this from D since I love it!

First look!

 This is the information cards. I like the BB info cards because I think they are simple, but informative.

The first thing D got is the Supersmile Professional Whitening System. These I'm putting a value of $0 since both tubes were empty. Not a good way to start off the BB Man subscription! (And I feel super bad because this was part of his birthday gift!)

Then there is the Klorane Revitalizing and Strengthening Shampoo. This goes for about $1.80. This is definatly more of a manly scent, which is good since I got the Klorane dry shampoo last month, I was worried it might be a bit feminine. D can always use more shampoo since he goes through it like water!

The next item we got was Proraso Shaving Cream. This goes for $1.50. This was the thing that D got most excited for since he shaves everyday! I think it smells pretty good. Plus I always think it's fun to get fancy everyday products and this is made in Italy and really couldn't get any fancier.

Then there is a pair of Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays. These go for $13.30. I'm not sure that D will ever use these, he said so himself. But maybe at our wedding? If not I'll probably just gift them to someone.

The last thing is we got is a Roosevelt Supply Card Case. This goes for $25. This came in a nice little pouch, like fancy jewelry comes in. D liked the color of this and I know he'll use this, since for some reason he has a business card collection. The quality seems pretty good too!

Overall my box had a value of $41.60. D says he is happy with what he got and while I know he will use everything but the stays (and the whitening system since it was empty). I don't know that it was really worth the $20. If this was $10 like the women's box I probably wouldn't care too much, but it is more expensive (and it was a gift) so I'm a bit mad about the empty items. I know BB will totally fix it, since they always do, but it's still an annoyance to deal with. I did like that we got all usable things, just fancier, but I'm cancelling for now. I think that I'd rather get him LootCrate, which is sad because I know my man likes personal care products.

Update! I ended up getting 100 points, which is what I was expecting and I'm totally fine with that (:

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