Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Juniper July Review 2013!!!

I have a Juniper review for you guys today! It actually came in about a week ago, early (which never seems to happen with subs)!

Juniper is another time of the month sub. This one costs $28 and is tampons only. Also they seem to give out the most food out of the three I've tried.

I just want to mention that the shipping for this box was incredible. I set my date early, for July 1st, just in case I didn't get it on time and I actually got my box 5 days early, which is amazing!

Now onto the fun part: Pictures!

The outer box is just plain white, which considering what the inside looks like is totally okay with me!

This was my first look. I love the mint green tissue paper!

Second first look. All boxes have an information card called: Lynn's Letter.

This is how they wrap their items. Isn't it pretty?

More fab packaging! I love these little bags because they are great for packaging presents!

This is more great packaging! I love the personalized sticker saying when your start date is and if it's wrong they give you a number to text so they get it right next month.

Last picture of the packaging, I swear. I love the tissue paper. It is tan and GOLD! (:

 This is the backside of the Lynn's Letter card. This tells you the products that you got and it has little hearts by the women started company, which I thought was totally adorable!

In that little white box I got 20 Tampax Pearl Tampons. A box costs $4.19. I got some in light, regular, and super. This might be a bit TMI, but she also included an information sheet on how to insert one and a TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) warning. I thought that was great in case someone gifted one to a younger girl who had never used one before.

In the gold bag I got 10 Always Infinity panty liners and pads. These go for $1.14?

Also in the gold bag I got two packets of Midol.These go for about $1. I'm not the biggest Midol fan, but I love to always carry these little sample packs with me (especially on vacation), so I know I'll eventually use them.

Then the only beauty product I got is a Calolea Glycerine Olive Oil Soap. This is full size and goes for $3. As far as I can tell this doesn't have a super strong smell, but that's fine with me since most bar soap scents don't seem to last anyway. I'm super excited to try this because I've heard great things about olive oil soaps.

The first edible is actually Pukka Tea in Morning Time, Detox, and Harmonise. These go for $.75. These are what I smelled right away when I opened the box. They are super strong, and sadly I can tell from the smell that I probably won't like them. Thank goodness my fiance likes any and all tea and he'll gladly drink them.

Then moving on to Brownie Bliss by The Inspired Cookie. These go for $2.91. Gluten, egg, diary, and wheat free? Really I couldn't tell. This tastes pretty much like Hershey's cocoa, but with a bit more of a chocolatey kick to it (if that makes any sense). I really liked them and I'd totally buy more!

My favorite thing in the box is the Under the Boardwalk by Nibnaks dried fruit. I got the mango, pineapple, and banana flavor. This goes for $2.19. I thought this was the best dried fruit I've ever had (and since I love dried fruit, I've tried quite a few.) This wasn't bland at all, it was so flavorfull. It tasted like the real fruit from which it came from (sometimes they are so bland its hard to tell) and I could tell which was which, it wasn't like "Oh that's pineapple I thought it was banana." They have a tester set of 5 different flavors for only $11 and I'm totally thinking about getting that! Bottom line is I love this stuff!

Then there is the J&M Key Lime Cookies. These go for $2.10. These are very limey. My little sister adored these, however I wasn't the biggest fan so I passed them along to her. I always get lime and lemon mixed up for some reason, so I think that's why I didn't like them because I expected them to be something else. They do make lemon ones of these, but upon telling my dad the ingredients list he informed me that they are burning down the rainforest to make way for more palm oil plants, thus killing Orangutangs and other wildlife (which palm oil is in these cookies and the lemon ones,) so I won't be buying more because of that. ---If none of that made sense you can read about it here.

The last item in the box is 3 GloryBee Honey sticks. I got one in Orange, Amaretto, and Sour Grape. These go for $.50. I've really wanted to try these because I love honey and these just look interesting. I'm excited to see if they really taste like the flavors they say they are. I'm not sure if I'll put these in tea (or do you just eat them?) or what I'll do with them yet, but I'm sure I'll be trying them soon!

Overall my box had a value of $17.78. Thats really not that great of a value, and usually I'd be kinda mad about that, but I really like my box. I love trying out new treats and I never would have gotten any of that if it wasn't for Juniper. Also I feel like this is just a nice pampering box. It's very nice and a nice experience. I would totally recommend Juniper, and I'm excited to compare it to my July Bonjour Jolie box. (:

*I had a "tasting party" with my little sisters, my fiance, and my mom. We all tried everything (minus the tea and honey). It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to get a food box, so that way there is more variation.


  1. Thaks for reviewing us Tori, Send your BFF an email and we'll include some extra treats for you next time. but no lime cookies! :)

  2. Thaks for reviewing us Tori, Send your BFF an email and we'll include some extra treats for you next time. but no lime cookies! :)