Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wantable Box Review July 2013!!

I got my first Wantable box in today and I am so excited! I've been on the fence with wanting to subscribe to them for a while, but what finally made me do it was a review I had seen of them for July. In that review their had been a really awesome polish and I really wanted it, so I ended up subscribing! (Silly me, I could have just bought the polish for $10, but boxes are much more fun!)

Wantable is $36 with a subscription or $40 for a one time box. Their quiz is very in depth and they say that you will get more of what you love then what you dislike. They also have a jewelry box and I believe it is the same price.

This is what the outside box looks like. Simple and classy.

They give you a thank you card and then a piece of paper (like an invoice sheet) telling you what you got.

The first thing I got is actually an extra that everyone got. It is a reusable set of Frownies Eye Gels. These go for $9.98. I've actually always wanted to use eye gels like these, but I've never wanted to buy them because I wanted to see how they work first. I have pretty puffy eyes from staying up way too late (yay for having an 11 month old who likes to go to bed at 10 and get up at 5!), so these will probably be used tomorrow.

Then I got a Swagger Cosmetics Highlighting Powder in Rad Bitch. This goes for $14.50. It says this is a highlighter (which I said I dislike), but when I looked it up it also said it could be used as an eyeshadow or over blush. Apparently it is translucent with only red and pink glitter, so I'll probably use it over eyeshadow since it would be too glittery for anything else. I do really like it though because it's totally pretty. One of my favorites in the whole box!

Then I got a MiA BelleZZa Summer Love Eye Crayon in Argento. This goes for $19.50. I actually like using pink eyeshadow in my creases with brown shadow on my lids, so this will get used. However I don't like that when I opened this the stick almost fell out of the case. That is so not good quality!

Then I got a Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer in Rose Vintage. This goes for $22.  This is a super pretty light pink! I'm glad that they listened to my quiz and sent me a light pink gloss since I know I will wear this a ton! Also I love the little mirror on the side of it!

 Then I got another one of my dislike items Makeup Cherimoya RAW Volume Mascara. This goes for $8. I don't really dislike mascara, I just didn't want to get another of the 29 Cosmetics ones, however I wanted to tell you guys so that way you see how well they follow the profile. Anyway I love the packaging on this and hopefully this really is volumizing! Plus at only $8, if this is the best mascara ever I could totally buy more! (I just googled them and it looks like the only place I can buy them is for 3 dozen at a wholesale website, that's sorta strange?)

Then I got a Mia BelleZZa automatic eyeliner pencil in Black Jade. This goes for $16.50. I was so excited about this! I really like army green eyeliner, but of course when I opened it the tip fell off. I smooshed it back together, but I still contacted Wantable. This brand just doesn't seem the best quality wise to me, since I've never had an eyeliner tip just fall off.

 The last item I got is the Rainbow Honey Nail Polish in I Miss You. This goes for $10!! I got the polish I was hoping to get! Yay! I swear that never happens, but it did and I'm so happy! I know I was tacking a gamble subbing just to get a certain item, but it paid off and I've never been happier. Plus at only $10, I think I need all of their polishes. (Or at least the unique ones I don't have.)

Plus I'm totally happy that I got this color. It is so unique in my collection, but I love it. It looks clear with pink,  blue, and purple glitter. Also the glitter is a bunch of funky shapes (including like a butterfly shape). I really love this stuff!

Overall my box has a value of $100.48. I know that's a great value but I only really love 3 of the items (still worth over $36 though, I checked). I'll give them another month after I move, but if it doesn't wow me next time I'll cancel. I think what I didn't like was getting 2 Mia BelleZZa products, I wish they would have stopped at the eyeliner (which if it wasn't broken, I'd love and actually I still do love it). I prefer to get different brands, not two of the same. Also I don't like that I got 2 items in my dislike list. Luckily I liked what they sent me, but it would have been a big bummer if I didn't. Wantable you are on probation.

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