Friday, July 5, 2013

Glitter Guilty Nail Polish Unboxing July 2013!!

I have the coolest sub ever to show you guys today! And that sub is Glitter Guilty.

Glitter Guilty is an Indie nail polish sub that for only $15.99 a month you get a monthly mini and a full size polish that is customized for you!

I wasn't expecting this today, but it's never a bad surprise to get polish in the mail is it?

The box is plain white with a hot pink label on it!

First look. (Isn't the purse a cute way to hold the big polish?)

First off there is a piece of saltwater taffy. This is about 25 cents. I love saltwater taffy and I can't wait to eat it, which sadly I have to since I can't taste anything due to my mega cold that I have. (Seriously I think I'm the only person that has massive colds during the summer.)

Then we have the Monthly Mini. This is something that everyone gets this month and is in the shade Summer Sunset. I couldn't actually find this on their site, and I also couldn't find any minis, but I'm estimating this to be 1/3 of a full size or $2.60. It is a beautiful orangey pink with gold hexagon glitter. I'd say it definatly looks like a sunset!

This is how my full size came wrapped. I love it and I will totally use it for other things!

Then there is my Monthly Me (the one that was customized for me). I'm thinking this would probably go for $8. It is in the shade: Beach Party. There is a lot of glitter in there. When I opened it to look at the brush there was glitter all over it, which was awesome since sometimes in glitter polishes the bigger flecks of glitter are hard to get on each nail. It is red, white, and blue and has different types of glitter in it. I love it and I totally would have picked it out myself!

All totaled my box has a value of $10.85, but really with these types of boxes you have to really look at the products and whether you like them or not, because the value probably won't be over the cost of the box. I know that I am obsessed with indie nail polish so I think it was fun to be able to try a new brand and to even get a unique to me color! I know that I am totally going to be keeping this sub around because I adore what I got! I'd totally recommend you give them a try, even for just a month!


  1. I just contacted Jessica of Glitter Guilty and she ships worldwide! Yay! Will do this as soon as my shopping ban is over. Thanks so much for sharing x
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Your welcome! That's awesome about her shipping internationally, this is a great box! (: