Friday, July 5, 2013

Stork Stack Unboxing July 2013!

I got my first Stork Stack in today! For those who don't know what Stork Stack is, it's a monthly subscription service for babies. I got the 12 month boy box. They are normall $27.99 a month, but I had a coupon code so it was only $17.99.

Even though they ship from Chicago the shipping took forever since they ship through OSM. (Seriously I could have driven to Chicago and gotten my box way faster then the shipping was.)

Let's look at the box. Isn't it super pretty?

First look! Pretty tissue paper! However the box was super empty (which is never a good first impression.)

The information card was nice and big. All the information was from the company.

The first thing we saw was a Baby Banz Baby UPF 50+ Reversible Bucket Hat. This retails for $19. We also got a pair of sunglasses (in blue!) from this same brand in our Bluum box. I'm thrilled that I got the tropical floral and turtle pattern because its in blue and it matches the sunglasses! However G likes this about as much as the glasses because I couldn't even get a picture of him in it, he took it off right away. I'm sure by the end of summer I'll have convinced him to wear it for a little bit, and it is adjustable so it should last a few years.

Then there is Bity's Brainfood Snacks in Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot. These go for $2.50. I'm guessing G will love these since he adores Carrots! I've never heard of this brand before, but I'm always up to try/give G anything organic!

Then there is a Melissa and Doug Slide and Sleek Safari Toy. This goes for $5.99. I adore Melissa and Doug and I know G does too! This is super cute, it has a giraffe on one side and an alligator on the other. This is going to be a great car toy for when we move or even just if we go on a long trip!

Then there is G's favorite item a book called Grow It. This goes for 5.99. I think G was more excited about this then the toy because when I showed him this he just threw the toy aside. I read him this for bed time and he seemed to enjoy it! The pages are pretty interesting, not really stiff like board books, but thicker then a normal page.

The last thing is the mom gift and that is Supergoop Everyday Face and Body Lotion with SPF 50. These go for $.75. I like carrying foil packets of sunscreen around with me and I've heard great things about Supergoop so I'm excited to use these!

All totaled my box had a value of $34.23. I think that's great since I only paid $17.99 for the box and everything we got will get used. Plus I love that I got a Melissa and Doug toy! As much as I liked Bluum for the mom gifts, I think that I would rather get Stork Stack because it seems like G likes this one more. I guess I'm going to have to give both of them another shot after we move to see which one really has the better stuff. Plus I'm still getting Citrus Lane this month! (: 

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