Saturday, June 29, 2013

Glossybox Unboxing June 2013!

I finally got my Glossybox in today (which I was totally surprised about, since I actually got it in June, even though they said there would be delays.) This month was a collab box with Dallas Shaw (who I think is a blogger, though I'm not entirely sure.). I was expecting great things, since I'm pretty sure the Man Repeller GB is my favorite ever!

The outer Glossybox looked different this month, since it has Dallas Shaw's artwork on it.

The information card also has her designs on it.

Inside of the information card.

I forgot to take a picture, but my box did come with a Glossy Mag this month, filled with pictures of Dallas Shaw.

Glossyboxes are always wrapped so nicely. It's like my present to myself every month!

The first item I got is a Philip B. Lovin' Leave in Conditioner. This is quite a nice size at 2 oz and goes for $8. They actually sell this size on their website, so I guess this is a full travel size. I was so happy to see a leave in conditioner versus a shampoo like others got! I use leave in conditioner at least twice a week, so I can always use more!

Then there is the C.Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist. This is also a good size at 2 oz and goes for $3.50. I really like this! I'm really interested in trying it on my face tomorrow morning and seeing how it works out! It smells good (nutty and sweet smelling) and I could totally see myself buying a full size. As much as I like this, I'm a bit surprised GB sent it out. I thought GB was my box for high end, luxury beauty products not things that I could get for free with Kmart rewards. (Which I'll admit is how I use them, to try new drugstore items!)

Then there is the Essential Luxuries by Oscar De La Renta. I'm estimating these to be $6? total. This comes with 6 perfume samples in Oriental Lace, Mi Corazon, Coralina, Santo Domingo, Sargasso, and Granada. My favorite so far is Oriental Lace,but I like all of them with the exception of Coralina. I love perfume samples and I love that they sent us all 6!

Now onto the full size items!

The first one is a SpaRitual Nail Polish in Home Body. This goes for $10.  This is a pretty pinkish color that looks like it could have a bit of purple in it. It is really pretty and totally unique in my collection! (Though I still like the Bondi colors better!)

The last item I got is a full size Tarte Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Medium to Tan (I'm actually more on the light side, but I don't really mind since to me lipstick is lipstick). This goes for $14.50. I love Tarte. Their packaging and for the most part their products. This one was seriously lacking in the staying power department, but the color was a super pretty pink. Sadly it was also similar to a few other lipsticks I own, so this won't be a new go to product.

All totaled my box is worth $42. I think that is my lowest valued GB and considering that this was a collab box, that's pretty sad. I get that it was still over the cost of what I paid ($21) but I'm not too sure it was worth it. While I'll use everything, I got some other subs this month that were less or about the same that were way better and for $21 a month, I want to always be jumping for joy when I get my Glossybox in!

Obviously I'm not as happy with my box as I could be. Between the whole thing with Bondi being switched for the Spa Ritual, the C. Booth being available at Kmart (which I thought GB was supposed to be luxury?), and Dallas Shaw herself (who from various blog posts she's made seems to think she's lowering herself to design the lid of the Glossybox this month.) Plus there isn't that one item that I'm like ooo I'm in love! I have a 12 month sub (over in December), but after that I think me and GB need to part ways for a little bit, which is sad because I used to love them!

Glossybox consider you being on probation for the next 6 months.

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