Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ipsy Review May 2013!!!

I was going to do a battle of the boxes with Birchbox, but after comparing the boxes I just thought that it wouldn't be fair to poor Birchbox as Ipsy knocks it out of the park!

The do give out a card that says what their theme is (Spring Fling), but since it doesn't really give any information on the products I ended up misplacing mine. Oops.

So I love the bag this month! It is so cool and so my style! I'll be using it next year as a pencil case for school (because really that's what I use these ipsy bags for to store school supplies, since I already have my Betsey Johnson makeup bag).

Now on to the really fun stuff. The products!!

The first thing that I got is a Yaby Concealer refill pan in Buff. I've herd good things about Yaby and I was excited to try this! I used this under my eyes (since it is a bit too light to use on other areas that need concealing) but it worked really well and I looked wide awake! Totally impressed. I assume this is a size of a normal refill so I'm valuing this at $4.85.

Then, the only product that I don't care for, is the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. I don't really care how my eyebrows look as long as they aren't too unruly, so this is kinda blah to me. However I have been reading that you can use brow gel as clear mascara (and I love clear mascara! It makes my lashes look natural, yet longer and just better.) So maybe I'll use it as that. This is a sample size (2.5 ml) and goes for about $7.30.

 Then there is the Mirabella Color Sheers Lipstick in Daydream. Which I'll admit I would have preferred the Juice Beauty lip gloss, since wearing lipstick just requires so many extra steps, but I'm not complaining. The color is a beautiful pinkish purple shimmery color that looks amazing on. Plus it doesn't dry out my lips. Can you believe this is full size and that the full size value of this is $22?

The next item is the Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Perfume Roll On. I love Pacifica products. They all smell so amazing and this one is no exception. It's a pretty strong floral scent and while I normally don't really care for florals, I do really like this one! Plus it's a roll on and roll on perfumes are like the bestest things ever! This is a full size and goes for $12!

Then there is the Zoya Nail Polish in Gie Gie.  This is from their 2013 Spring Collection, and I was actually meaning to buy this color, so yay! I love Zoya's polishes and this one was no exception. It was so pretty and sparkly. I loved it. This is full size and goes for $8.

The last thing I got, which was an extra to people who referred two people last month, is an Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy. This is a brand new product and I really wanted one! I'll admit I was a bit bummed that I didn't get the pink one, but I prefer this one over the greenish one. This is a super sparkly lightish tan color that after trying it out I'm thrilled I got this! I tend to do more natural makeup looks then daring looks and this eyeshadow was the perfect combination of both. This is valued at $20!

 Isn't it super pretty?! So sparkly!

My Ipsy bag is valued at 74.15!! That is awesome considering I only paid $10! Plus not only was I introduced to a couple new brands I also got some things from brands that I had been wanting! Ipsy is a total win and I would totally recommend them! I love my bag! (:

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