Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini review! Nuance Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio + Klorane Dry Shampoo!

Today I have 2 mini reviews. They are of the Nuance Lights, Camera, Action Eye Trio in Champagne/ Gold Shimmer and the Klorane Dry Shampoo. Both actually came from a Birchbox. (The Nuance eye trio in the Nuance box they had last month. I traded my mom some candles for it.)

First off the Nuance Lights, Camera, Action Eye trio. Nuance is actually Selma Hayek's brand, which is really cool because I totally love her! This product has a highlighter, a cream eyeshadow, and an eyeliner all in one product. I think that is really innovative and would be great to throw in a purse!

The eyeliner is amazing. It goes on so easily and looks really nice and polished. In the picture I'm wearing a thin line of it. The only problem is, is that it wears off super quickly! After an hour it was almost all gone. :(

The eyeshadow was the winner of the trio. It was creamy, but applied nice and evenly. Plus it was super pretty and shimmery. I love cream eyeshadows, so I may be biased but I think this might be my new go to shadow for casual days!

Then there is the highlighter. I'm not much of a highlightening type person, but I put it under my eyebrows and in my inner corners and my eye area definatly looked brighter! I might have to start using this on a daily basis.

 This is how my eyes looked (with flash) after using it. I can totally see a difference. My eyes looked amazing! And it was a totally appropriate look for work.

At only a little less then $9, I could totally see myself buying these in more colors. Even if I do have to touch up my liner throughout the day!

Then there is the Klorane, which if you recall from my Birchbox review this month, I was totally complaining about getting yet another dry shampoo. Boy, I should not have complained. I had heard from various people on Makeup Talk that this stuff was the best dry shampoo ever, and they're right!

It didn't make my hair white, nor did it leave gross white flakes. It brushed out easily, which is always a plus. Plus it had a nice scent, but the scent didn't really stay around and wasn't overpowering. Also it really soaked up the grease on my third day hair. That never happens! It actually looked like I had just washed my hair!! This stuff was like a miracle in a can. I think I found my new favorite dry shampoo.

At $18 it is kinda pricey, but I only use dry shampoo max once a week, so I think I could make the investment for those "Oh my gosh I'm late" days.

The complete look*. I know you can't really see my hair, but it isn't greasy at all! Yay!

Eyes: Nuance Lights, Camera, Action Trio in Champagne/Gold Shimmer.
Lips: Mirabella Color Sheers Lipstick in Daydream (my lips are naturally a bit lighter, this is really sheer)
Blush: Be a Bombshell Blush in Beach Please.

What do you think of the products I reviewed? Have you tried them? Would you want to?

*If you see me in this top in more then one post, it's because I take pics of me in the morning before my little boy and my fiance wake up, so I'm still in my night shirt. (:

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