Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Influenster Something Blue Voxbox Review 2013

I was so excited when Influenster emailed me and asked me if I wanted to be a part of their new Vox Box program! I've been waiting for this to happen and when it finally did I jumped on the chance! I go  the Something Blue Vox Box. All of these items were provided for free from Influenster in return for a honest review of the products.

If you don't know what Influenster is, it's a website where you get to share reviews, answer questions, and get crazy active on social media site. The more active you are the more likely you'll get a voxbox!

First off look at that box. Isn't is cute! I love it!

 That's the only box you get. When you open it your products are just inside. And man was this box full!

They give you an information car that says what vox box you received and on the back tells you what the products are. I also got a coupon for Luster toothpaste and Kiss eyelashes. There is also a pamphlet about My Trio Rings, which coming for someone who is engaged they are really pretty and I'd totally consider looking into them more!

The first thing I got is a Urgent Rx Fast Powders. This I'm assuming is full size and retails for $1.39. This is a powder that you just dump in your mouth (without water) and it is supposed to relieve aches and pains. I've used this for cramps and it worked really well and a lot faster then Advil. The flavor was supposed to be lemon lime and it was definatly limey, in a good way. I wouldn't buy these for just everyday use, but for going on trips I'd totally get some more.(Sorry for the bad picture, my camera does not take white foil packet pics well)

Then I got a Dr. Scholl's for Her Ball of Food Cushions. These retail for $6.99. I've been wanting to try these for the longest time since I always seem to get major pain in the balls of my feet. I wore these yesterday when I wore heels that usually hurt a lot and my feet didn't hurt a bit! I want to try these and see if they help the balls of my feet in sneakers when I work out. If so these could totally be a new HG product for me and I will buy a pair for every pair of shoes I have. I love these!!

The next thing I got is the Q-Tips Precision Tips. I got 2 boxes of 30 swabs and they go for $2.59 each. I love Q-Tips! I think that they are a must for every beauty kit because there is so much you can do with them! I especially like these because of the pointed tip. I used these to fix nail polish mistakes last night when I was painting my sister's nails and they were perfect for the job! Definatly going to be getting some more of these for that purpose, since I tend to make a mess with polish.

Then there is the Luster Now Instant Whitening Toothpaste. This retails $7.99. This is supposed to whiten teeth after just one use and so far I've used it 3 times and I haven't seen any whitening effect. Then again my teeth are pretty white and healthy looking already, so it may make a difference if your teeth were yellower to begin with? I don't know, but it isn't my favorite. Though if this was on sale I'd probably get it because smell wise it seems to be one of the few toothpastes that doesn't make me sick with a fake minty smell. 

The last thing I got is the Kiss everEZlashes. I got two different styles (KPD04 and KPD05) and they retail for $4.98 for a two pack of lashes. They both came with eyelash glue and an applicator to help put them on. Honestly I hardly ever use falsies, but when I do I like them to be more on the natural side and these were perfect for that. I only tried one pair, but I did use the applicator and the glue they provided. The glue was fine, but I think I prefer my tweezers over the pink applicator. The pink applicator that came with them was a bit too flimsy, while the tweezers were nice and sturdy and were a lot easier to apply with. I could totally see myself buying more of these because I really like the natural look these gave and they are cheap!

All totaled my box has a value of my box is $30.51! That is awesome considering I got this box for free! I've used and will continue to use everything I got and I did really like and enjoy everything that I got. I'm really thankful to Influenster and I hope I can received more Vox Boxes in the future!

(Sorry for no box together pic, my camera was about to die)

**Disclaimer: This box was provided by Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are my own!**

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