Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cult Nails Unboxing 2013!

Today I have my one and only nail polish sub box review of the month and that is the Cult Cosmetics' Black Box! In case you didn't know I'm a bit of a polishaholic  and when I heard that these boxes were only $14.99, I couldn't resist. They are normally about $25, but I got this one for 50% off.

This is what the outer box looks like. Nice and sleek. For some reason the triangle design looks like something from an indie brand, but Cult Cosmetics actually gives out Essie and Orly and some funky nail accessories.

This is the information card. It's pretty detailed for an info card, it even lists the colors you got.

The first item that I got is a pair of  Mash Tweezers. They go for $4.99. I have regular eyebrow tweezers and these are so much smaller! I always thought you could put studs and stuff on your nails with regular tweezers, but now that I got these I'm glad I never tried it. I could see it being a big mess with how big they are, but I think these will make it easier. (:

Then I got some Creatology Craft Glitter in Purple. I'm guestimating this at about $1.49. I actually had no glue what to do with this until I googled this. I was like craft glitter in a polish box? But now that I know what to do with it I'm actually really excited to use it!

Then I got a small package of silver and gold nail studs. I'm also guestimating that these are worth about $.50 for both? I love the look of studded nails and I can't wait to try them! I'm thinking the gold ones with a nudey color and the silver ones with a bright pink or something.

The last nail accessory type item that I got is Mash Nail Glue. I'm thinking this is worth about $1, since they sell a 5 pack for $4.99. I love that they included nail glue so that I could actually use the studs. I hate it when subs give out something and then you have to go buy something to use it.

Now onto the focus of the box: The polish!

The first one I got is an Essie nail polish in Knockout Pout. This goes for $8. I believe this is an older color, but that doesn't bother me because I love it! It is a neon light pink and I know I don't have any colors like this! I love it and I think it will be my next mani.

The next color I got is an Essie polish in Avenue Maintain. This goes for $8. This is one of their new Spring 2013 colors! It is a nice blue, that isn't super light or super dark and I know I don't have a color like this one either. I think it will make a great french mani color with white tips!

The last color is another Essie color in Under Where? This goes for $8. This is also a new color, part of their Resort 2013 line. I have about 5 other lavender colors, but I do love them and use them all so this will be a nice addition. Honestly lavender is probably my favorite color for spring and summer. Also how cute is that name?

Then the last product is my gift with membership. A Live Worldly Beleza Bracelet in Aqua. This goes for $31.50!!! I would never have paid that much for it. I mean it's super pretty and I love it and I'm totally going to be wearing it, but still that is so pricey! This is so worth the cost of the box to me!

This was how my polishes (and glue) was wrapped! I love that they not only bubble wrapped the polishes they also put them in a bag so if they did break not everything was ruined!

All totaled my box was worth $63.48! That's great since I love and will use everything I got (plus it was only $15!) and I'll be checking out Mash for some more fun nail goodies. Plus I think it's great that they included everything you needed to do a fun nail look. I subbed because I really wanted to try this sub for some of the funkier nail items (like studs and such) since I'm not too adventurous when it comes to that and I think if experimenting with these items goes well I'll totally try some different things. My only thing is that I just wasn't like OMG this is the best thing ever I need it every month for the rest of my life, so I did cancel. I think if this would be $15 for life, I would have totally kept it, but at $25 I just don't think to me it's worth that much, even if in product value it is.

**Something I noticed was that all the boxes I've seen were different, so I'm assuming there are quite a bit of variations.**

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