Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Sub Box Update.

I was going to do a post listing all the subs I had received this month, but there are way to many and if you guys want to know what I really think, just go to the last paragraph. I'm usually pretty honest.

It's kinda funny that I already received 2 July boxes and I'm still waiting on 2 June boxes (Glossybox and Bluum). I'll post the July reviews after I get in my other 2 June boxes and review them.

Also I think I'm going to start doing some comparision blogs (like TOM boxes, nail polish boxes) things that are similar so you guys can see what would be best for you!

When I do get in all my June boxes I'll do a quick post about the Best and the Worst boxes this month and I'll say which product all month was my favorite! (:

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