Friday, June 14, 2013

Lip Factory June Unboxing 2013!

This is my second Lip Factory box and I was so super excited to get it! I thought this month was the all about lips month, but I guess it's actually next month.

 What Lip Factory is, is it's another sub box service and for $22 a month you get 5-7 full size products. Also every 4ish or so months there is an all about lips month, where they give you nothing but lip products. In normal monthly boxes, you always get at least two lip products since they do focus on the lips.

Can I just say Lip Factory has the fastest shipping ever? I don't even live close to Florida and I got my box a day after my tracking updated!

There are 2 boxes, a plain white outer shipping box, and then the small little black box that has their name on it. These boxes are pretty flimsy, so I use them to store foil packets.

The information cards, just list the brands and products you are receiving.

They always send a little sample and this month it was a Befine Exfoliating Cleanser with Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond, and Oats. This is .34 oz and is about $2. I think this sounds amazing and I'm super excited to try it. I love any body care products with brown sugar in it, so I'm sure I'll like this too! Plus it has at least 3 uses in it! 


 The next product is a High Voltage Lip Gloss (in Naked) from Manic Panic. This goes for $12. I remember in 8th grade I would always dye my hair crazy colors using Manic Panic's hair dye and so I was super thrilled to see this in my box (especially since that was the best hair dye ever!). This is a really pretty dark pink, that I'll wear a ton since I'm pretty sure it will look pretty neutral on me. Plus on the back is a mirror, and when you open it there is a light! How color is that? I have light up lipgloss! (: *The light so didn't show up well on camera*

Then there is my favorite thing in the whole box and that is the Colour U Loose Shadow in Turquoise. This goes for $15! Gosh that photo does not do this justice. It is such a beautiful blue! I love wearing blue eyeshadow with my blue green eyes because I feel like it just makes the blue in them pop so much! Plus I love loose shadow. This is just amazing and I love that I discovered a new brand!

Then there is the Manic Panic Raven Mascara (in Black). This goes for $10. I'm always up for trying mascara because I have yet to find my Holy Grail mascara. I tend to find that I like mascaras that are in bulky/heavy packaging and this is definalty big and sorta heavy. Hopefully this gives great length and volume, because for the price I'd totally be willing to buy more!

Then there is the 29 Cosmetics Lip Stick in Expressive Rose. This goes for $25! I already have a red lipstick, but I definatly think this is more of a classic red over the other red one I have. I love the 29 Cosmetics mascara I got a couple months back, so I'm super excited to try this out! **Looking at swatches though it looks alot more berry then red, but I still love the color!**

Then there is the Essence Volumizing Lash Powder. This goes for $3.49. I love that this is supposed to make your lashes look longer and fuller, basically like falsies without actually using falsies, but honestly I'll probably always forget to use it. I'll make sure to try it out a couple times though, because I am intrigued. Also points to Lip Factory for including a mascara to try this with! *In case you didn't already have one, I think that's smart.*

 The last item I got is a polish from Lakur (in Teatown). This goes for $22, or basically the cost of the whole box! I've been looking for a nice nudey pink color and this is perfect. I'm going to be using this as either a base or as decorations on upcoming manis!

All totaled my box had a value of $89.49! That's great since I only paid $22 for the box. I absolutely adore my box this month and I'm so excited for July! (: I'd totally recommend Lip Factory, especially since they always introduce me to new brands and that is why I sub to these boxes in the first place!

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