Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Blissmo Box Review 2013!!

Today I have my first Blissmo Box to show you guys! Blissmo is a monthly subscription service that sends organic, eco friendly, and non toxic products for only $24.99 a month. They offer 3 different boxes: Beauty (which is what I'm showing), food, and a seasonal box.

This is what the outside of the box looks like. Plain white box and the blue Blissmo on the top.

This is their info cards. They say the box (Skin 'n Hair Care), the products, whether the products are cruelty free, vegan, ect, and at the bottom they list the prices of all the sample sizes! (:

The first thing that I got is a Wellinhand Action Remedies Therapy Oil. This is the 2 oz size and goes for $3. This can pretty much be used for everything from lube to diaper rash to eczema to bug bites and more! I have some bad eczema on my arms so I'm going to try using it on that. If this can get rid of it, I might have to buy a big bottle so I can bathe in it. ;)

The next item I got is the only hair care item in the box and that is a Giovanni 2 Chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo. It goes for $1.89. This has Brazilian Keratin and Argan Oil in it. I don't really mind trying a shampoo without a matching conditioner. I'll probably just try it by itself the first time on a day when my hair isn't too oily, just to see if it works. Did I mention this smells amazing? Sorta like a Brazil nut!

Then I got a Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion for Face and Body in Vanilla and Sweet Orange. This goes for $2.25.  This is just your standard lotion, but I do really like the smell. It's very orangey. I'd totally buy the full size based on the smell and I can always use more lotion!

Then I got 2 full sized items. The first one is a LA Fresh Instant Body Soother. This retails for $9.99. These are intriguing. Being a young mom I can always use some instant soothing products, so it would be cool if it worked. However even if they did, I'm not sure that I'd repurchase.

The last thing, and my favorite thing, is the MyChelle Dermaceauticals Pumpkin Renew Cream Unscented. This is a full size and goes for $25.86! This stuff doesn't have a smell, which is sad because I wanted to put pumpkin smelling stuff on my face, but it works amazing! I had a couple of dry patches on my face and I've been using this for a week and I can already see an improvement!

All totaled my box is worth $43.02. That's awesome since I only paid $25 for the box. Plus its great because with the exception of LA Fresh I've never heard of any of these brands before and for the most part they are all affordable and eco friendly! I also love the great sample sizes! I know for sure I'm getting next month's box and I can't wait!

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