Saturday, June 22, 2013

Petit Vour June 2013 Review!

Petit Vour is a subscription service that sends out cruelty free beauty products. For only $15 a month. *Sorry if I sound like a robot, you'll see why soon* That is what the outside of their box looks like.

The side of the box. Aren't the bunnies cute?

The information card. I was surprised to notice all the paper they put into their box. The information card, the tissue, the black squiggly paper. It's just you'd think a cruelty free sub would also be eco friendly no?

My first item. A $15 gift certificate to Mineral Hygenics. And yes you get to pay shipping! (I'll admit I already used this, but only because I wanted to feel like I got something out of the box. I'll post a picture of the eyeshadow that I got.) I hate receiving things like this in boxes. I mean if I don't have to add any more money that's one thing. Or if I also received a sample to go along with the gift card then that's fine, but a gift card alone that counts as one of my items doesn't make me happy. And I'm easy to make happy. I would have appreciated a little plastic baggy with a tiny bit of eyeshadow in it. (Value is at $13 or cost of my eyeshadow, I'm adding shipping costs to the cost of my Petit Vour box)

UPDATE: I got the Mineral Hygenics eyeshadow in Midnight. It is such a pretty, sparkly navy blue. I love it! It lasted all day (about 8 hours) and it was just so pretty and easy to work with. No fallout or anything. I would totally recommend them and I'm going to be buying a few other things from them. (:

Baudelaire Acoreele Perfume in Terre De Cedre or Land of Cedar. This is a perfume sample and is valued at $1.60. I actually do like how this smells. Very light and natural. I usually like getting perfume samples, but if a perfume sample is the only thing I'm excited about in a box that's sad. I'm totally going to be looking into this company though, since I'm impressed with this so far!

Then the big fail of the box: Skingenx Anti-Wrinkle Complex, Eye Complex, and Xfoliator. The eye complex (which is the only thing I kept, because my under eyes can always use some love) is valued at $8. I know I can get a few uses out of it, and I'm happy to try it, but the other wrinkle stuff is like really? I'm not going to use a emotions line remover when I'm only 18. Petit Vour's response? Well we are in our 20's and it worked for us, it's preventative. I'm sorry. I don't think a complex is something meant for preventative care, but hey what do I know? All I know is I'm not going to be using it. *I traded with my mom for a Juice Beauty Lipgloss, which in my opinion is way better.*

The last thing is a food item. A Barre bar in Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan. This is valued at $2.50. This was amazing! It definatly had a healthy taste to it, but it was also really good. Kinda like a granola bar and a cookie had a baby. I loved it and I'm totally thinking about ordering a case from the website!

The total usable value of my box is $25.10. I paid $20.25 (including the shipping for Mineral Hygenics, since if I had gotten a normal sample I probably wouldn't have bought anything right away.) Yes I got more then I paid for, but last month's box was great and this one sucked. It wasn't worth the $15 I paid. I truely feel that way. I cancelled immediatly. Sub wise, I'm not that hard to please. Give me something fun and I'll like it, but I didn't feel the fun here. There are so many other great eco friendly brands that this sub could have used and instead they gave me pretty much crap. There are other subs I'd rather try.

No I wouldn't recommend Petit Vour. I wish I could, but I can't.

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