Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sub box overview May 2013.

I was good this month. I only got 3 boxes; Ipsy, Glossybox, and Birchbox. In June though I'm trying out a few more, just because I'm moving in August and I won't be subbing to any for awhile, so I have to get it out of my system, so expect June and July to be heavy sub box months.

Anyway my favorite box this month?

 Ipsy! This was definatly a winner. Ipsy is only $10 and I got over $70 worth of stuff. And not only that, because let's face it sometimes monetary worth is totally different to what it is acutally worth to the person buying it, I will actually use/find a use for everything I got. And this stuff wasn't in any way boringly useful *like toothpaste, cough, birchbox, cough*, it was a bunch of fun and I'm so excited for next month. Hopefully Ipsy continues to be awesome!

The second place champ is...

Glossybox! Even though I was pretty meh about this box (and the value which was about $38) I will use everything and I'm excited about all the new to me brands, especially the perfume! The perfume was the saving grace this month, well and maybe the volupt spray since I haven't tried it yet. I guess my main disappointment comes from there not being one "big" item that covers the cost of the box, which in pricier boxes like this I like having. Next month's box looks awesome though, so maybe that's why they skimmped on this month?

The loser (okay the third place) is: Birchbox.

I think that the picture speaks for its self on this one. As compared to the other boxes this one isn't full nor does is have a bunch of big sized items. I will admit that the sizes were pretty good. At least nothing was a really tiny size, but there is one sample that I can't use and another one that is tea. And the other stuff, while new to me and if I find out that Sumita is cruelty free might possibly be an HG product, it's all pretty boring and just not too exciting.

What do you think of these boxes? Do you get any boxes? How would you rank yours?

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