Saturday, June 29, 2013

Battle of the Time of the Month boxes: June Edition. My Cotton Bunny vs. Bonjour Jolie!

There is quite a few Time of the Month (or TOM) boxes and I think they are pretty interesting. I'm one of those people that hates buying things in store, so a box seems like a much funner way to get supplies then to just order of

But which one is right for you? Since there are so many out there, they all have their own take on it. Between the difference in supplies they offer, the treats and other goodies, and the price differences it can be hard to decide.

So it's time for a TOM box battle!

My Cotton Bunny vs. Bonjour Jolie.

My Cotton Bunny is only $13.75 a month. You get to pick between tampons or pads (and what brand you prefer) and they also send you a small treat and nice gift.

Bonjour Jolie is $16 a month plus $5 for shipping. They let you pick 30 items (pads, tampons, and liners and what brand you want), plus they offer optional advil packets. They also send you some "edibles" and some pampering products.

Round one: The Supplies:

My Cotton Bunny sends a small box, while Bonjour Jolie sends individual pads and pantyliners wrapped in pretty paper. (They are both Kotex brand if it matters). I think I prefer how My Cotton Bunny does it simply because a small box is easier to store then loose pads.

Winner: My Cotton Bunny.

Round 2: The Treats.

Honestly I think the treats are the second biggest part in a TOM box (next to the supplies of course.) My Cotton Bunny included a sucker, which while it was good, it was definatly not something that I'd want around that time (chocolate and grease for me please!). Bonjour Jolie however sent out 4 gourmet truffles and tea. I really only drink hot tea when I have a cold, but the chocolate? Yes please! They were awesome and a great substitute to my Lindor truffles! I just wish they sold these because I tried looking them up on the website and they weren't there :(

Winner: Bonjour Jolie

Round 3: The Pampering

Pampering products are always a plus and personally I thought that in both of these, the pampering products were way more likes gifts (which is a good thing!). I just included pictures of the big items, but My Cotton Bunny also included a glass nail file and Bonjour Jolie also included some rose shaped soap, a shampoo and conditioner packet, a lotion sample, and cleansing wipes.

My Cotton Bunny sent out a whole nail art set from Scratch that I absolutely adore! The pattern is so funky and fun. I think it would be great if you were going to be outside a lot at sunset since that is what it reminds me of. If I like these I would totally buy more!  Bonjour Jolie sent out a full size Pop Beauty lip stain. I love lip stains and I hadn't tried Pop Beauty before so I was super excited to get this. However I did like that Bonjour Jolie sent out multiple small packets of things. I just felt like they were trying to gift you a gift and a care package for that time of the month, so that is why Bonjour Jolie wins this round.

Winner: Bonjour Jolie.

The overall winner is...

Bonjour Jolie!! I know that since they were pricier the box should be better, but in all honesty I think I did like it more. I thought that the My Cotton Bunny box was great, but the lollipop was really disappointing and nail art is a lot more work then a lip stain. Plus I like how it seems like Bonjour Jolie was trying to make it so that you really had everything you needed to survive that week (advil, shampoo, soap, cleansing wipes.) I'm excited to get my next Bonjour Jolie and honestly I'm not too bummed I cancelled MCB. However I would still recommend them, since the box was nice and I had no problems with them.

*I didn't make packaging a round because I don't think that should really help you decide which box to get, but if I did I think it would be at tie. My Cotton Bunny has a great box look, but Bonjour Jolie is prettier on the inside.

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